Oct 29, 2009

Wedding Thriller

With a family wedding only weeks away now I thought I would throw this out there as a challenge to the groom and his mates.
Click this

On a mission.

Toy Story 3 (For Thomas)

Click on the headline for the trailer of the new 3D animanted movie due June 2010.

Oct 21, 2009

Colour Version

Fs' & F (New larger photos)

Nothing at all in common

Chess. Our neighbours dog. Kept us awake for years while he was young. But a good guard dog and fondly remembered for his loyalty.
The ToeToe (Maori name) or Toi Toi is the largest native grass in New Zealand and is found throughout the country in swampy areas and coastlines. This plant has been widely used for medicinal purposes from stopping bleeding (in my case when I was a kid causing bleeding!) and stopping diarrhea. But its worth Googling (is that a word yet?) and check out this cool and humble plant we all take for granted
This is a guy climbing! Just in case you were thinking I had flipped a shot vertically of a guy crawling along the ground. (Joke) The hanging rope is the give away!

Oct 18, 2009

A woops moment!

This is not an airfield!
Two gilders land "uninvited" on the park.
Skimming in over the houses they made good landings in the middle of the park. Lucky as this is precisely where cricket is played most days this time of year. But hey it was welcome entertainment for the locals. So its not all bad and no one was hurt.

Before the storm. (Video)

Oct 16, 2009

Waikato side of Kaimai range

When a northerly weather pattern comes in from the sea the clouds start building on the tops. Usually seen as this was early in the morning. Click on the image to enlarge.

Oct 12, 2009

Spring is here at last

It was such a nice day Sunday so after the bike ride, weights work out and household "list" I headed out the back door across the park and sat at the boat ramp for a while to take in the sun and relax for a few micro seconds!

This is what was going on. Click this Link