Jun 30, 2012

Four Perfect Balls...With Attitude!

David O Made My Day

While this is a new weapon for David his martial arts skills made it look easy.
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The Whip

David works the whip as we try to capture the tip at the critical moment. Not totally successful.

Jun 28, 2012

Ken (Snr) In His 20's

My dad sometime in the early 40's


A very special person in our lives on a very special day.
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Jun 25, 2012

Nelson New Zealand

The view from the port hills. 
In the distance at the right end is the Abel Tasman National Park.
The rock in the foreground in the channel is the Fifeshire Rock and the site of a ship wreck or two one was in 1842 of a ship with the same name. The Island to the right is called Haulashore Is and is a place my mother played as a kid. They lived nearby.
In the foreground are the newer homes on the hills. Expensive real estate with great views over Golden Bay.

Eagle Like Rooster

He had the eye of an Eagle and cased me out of his territory. (Yes I backed off) A free ranging rooster at Mc Laren Falls Park

Pied Oystercatchers

There's always one or two guys who have no idea where everyone else is heading!

Tauranga Farm Land

Jun 24, 2012

Canadian Geese

At McLaren Falls Park

Tauranga Views

Beach Rd Otumoetai with Matakana ferry crossing harbour
 Tauranga Marina and Takatimu motorway
 Bridge Marina with container wharf in foreground and Welcome bay residential area in the background

Jun 23, 2012

Pied Stilt

Tauranga Harbour.
These birds are thought to have arrived in New Zealand from Australia in the early 1800's

Running Dog

Don't know what breed of dog this is but he could run like hell and whats more never stopped.

Hunting Crab

Kingfisher. They wait patiently then drop out of the Norfolk pine and disappear below the water and nearly every time they they are successful. They take the crab back to the tree and holding it in their beak then bash the crab on a branch until the claws fall off then gulp it down.

This Morning

To the West
 To the North East

Jun 21, 2012

Grace with Nana & Pop 2006

This has been a Grace week as she has been sick. However she is now doing cartwheels (was from day two after surgery) and is coming back to be a pain real fast!

Jun 20, 2012

Baby Grace & Chantelle

Spots On The Able Tasman

Kaiteriteri just south of the Able Tasman National Park in Golden Bay.
The golden sands and blue water here bring people from all over the world.
At the north end of the park (a long tramp or short boat ride) you will find Akaroa Lodge.
This is a four star wilderness lodge right in the middle of the bush and a short walk to Golden bay. It's remote and it's a fantastic fun place. While Rob and I never stayed in the luxury accommodation we did have a full meal and a brew or two after a big day on our feet before starting the long trip back to Nelson.

Jun 19, 2012

Desert Road Power Pylons

These power pylons running through the volcanic plateau in the center of the North Island have become a part of the landscape now for decades.

24 Hours Later

See Grace three posts below and tonight this.
Full of beans and eating ah? God knows what!
Looks cold anyway.


Yes I have posted a version of this before but to me its worth another shot

Jun 18, 2012

Iconic Building Tauranga

Devenport Towers
Built in 2004 this building at 161ft high still dominates the down town skyline.
While it is a very small building by global standards it has a certain presence and attractively simple architecture from this angle.

Grace Recovering

Grace in Grace hospital tonight recovering from tonsil & adenoid surgery today.
We expect her to be home later this evening. She was good when I arrived and chatted quietly.
They gave her a bravery certificate which you can see on the bed. The worst is to came I fear.
And a few days before at Nana's birthday

Swallow Over Water

Jun 17, 2012

NZ Scaup

New Zealand's only diving duck
This was late evening today. Bright blue sky at sunset made the colours and ducks eyes glow.
McLaren Falls Park

Thomas. Boys Stuff

 Old toys (guns) new toys (games)
Thanks for the shots Ky's

Jun 16, 2012

Kids Sing Happy Birthday To Nana

We couldn't trust the kids with the real number of candles for Nana as we never had any fireproof suits handy!