Feb 29, 2016

Nice Day For A Bit Of Fun

So I am thinking about taking a few pictures and G is thinking about a bit of climbing and fun on the Leisure island. (The blowhole) so off we go. On the way out this is the view of Mauao out to the west. (Robyn and I climb or walk this little mountain at least three times a week)
 The wide view. We are so lucky to live close to this great spot.
 A quick pose for the lens...

 Inside a cave on the island there is an amazing tree root that just had to be climbed. G is up for the challenge.
 Then we went exploring a strange little area that is unusual as there is little undergrowth but has these cool trees and mossy green rocks.
Those legs....like a bloody spider

Feb 26, 2016

On Ya Bike

 Jay at 10 months on the bike with dad.
30 plus years earlier Jay's dad at 8 months on the back of his mum's bike. Note the rust, we lived at the Mount. Also note the NZ Standards Safety approved pom-pom helmet!
Well we never knew better.....

Feb 23, 2016


This is Robyn's mum in 1944 with first baby Dennis.
So Di (As I knew her) is our grandkids great grandmother.

Stormy Day

Stormy day from the top of Mauao (Mt Maunganui) looking over Matakana island.
 Same time but looking north west with ocean swell rolling in and the dredge that's working on deepening the harbour entrance for larger container ships.

Feb 22, 2016

D Jay

So this is J with his Megaboom (blue tooth music machine) and toys.  He likes to just hang out with all this stuff and his phones (out of shot)
 AND RAGE to the music...
 All good DJ's like to eat their music....don't they?

Street Piano

So while having the early morning coffee out there at the Greerton shopping area I noticed this piano sitting there all dressed up for the party. Bloody amazing what people do in the community.
Sure enough kids passing, on the way to the school bus pickup, stopped to have a play. 

Feb 21, 2016

Old House Napier

Its just an old two story house but it looks like it may have seen a lot in its history. It most likely survived the 1931 massive Napier earthquake just like the building in the picture below.
Napier 1931

Falls & Hut

Taranaki Falls (again) but spot the people
 Old world photo of the same spot
 Spot the hut in this summer alpine scene at Turoa

Feb 18, 2016

Birds On The Roof

So I have been watching Sparrows and it looked like they don't fly off our roof when disturbed they jump off like a diver. I think this confirms it, caught on my camera at 1/2000 of a second exposure. 

 Meanwhile on a lower roof a Kingfisher keeps a close eye on his nest which is about 10 meters away up in a palm tree, so vigilant.

Feb 17, 2016


My sis (farming type living in the wops) sent this shot to me. You don't see this very often especially in town. Good to see bees are still out there and hopefully will be so for a while to come. We need them to pollinate the hops for our beer....

Feb 16, 2016

Bulker Departs Tauranga

Heading past Mauao out the harbour entrance and into the Pacific Ocean
 Through the entrance with the Matakana spit on the left.  Pilot boat (yellow on left) waiting to take the pilot back to base.

Feb 11, 2016

Jay-Boy, Cyclist

Another cyclist in the making.
Jay gets his first helmet and his bike seat is on the way apparently.
Bit of slack in those straps!

Feb 10, 2016

Random Stuff

 Jay's motel playpen. The spa bath with Nana visiting!
He loved it and played for ages with all the fittings. (I think Nana did as well...)
Cruise ship at the Mount wharf on a less than ideal day. 
 Dinner on the way last night

Feb 8, 2016

Canola/Rapeseed Fields Volcanic Plateau

A beautiful display. I took my life in my hands to get in this field with millions of bees! (Being allergic)

Feb 7, 2016

What Do Ya Think Fred?

Partially restored Avenger gets the once over by a couple of discerning old gents while the kids get their heads right up in the torpedo bay.
Nearby a Mustang in pristine condition sits waiting for some attention

Grand Kids

Grace takes the first dive into the cool water at our 'secret' spot up the river.

 Thomas taking the big leap

 It won't be long before my little buddy Jay comes along for the adventure

Harvard Aircraft

I've photographed these before but each airshow they show up and I can resist.
Designed and build in the USA in the early 30's as a trainer aircraft and later also build under license in Canada.
These are restored versions of various models and were flying at the Tauranga airshow.