Jun 20, 2019

Arts Center Tower Melbourne

Southbank of the Yarra
This is a great place to wander on a calm Melbourne evening.
Looking back across the Yarra to the city

Jun 10, 2019

Happy Birthday Rob

Still smiling despite the official title of OAP arriving today.
We had a surprise party arrive with the kids (pics on that later) and this really nice cake from Sarah
Rob with the two crazy kids, Jay and Lewi

 Rob from some years ago.

Jun 4, 2019

Robyn In The Wild With Hand Bag

Somewhat reminisant of the time we went to the highest chair lift end point on Mt Ruapehu and decided to walk further up the slope when I noticed the handbag! Seemed a little out of place amongst all the high tech ski gear around and about..
She's a good sport

The Last Colours

Winter arrived a few days ago and we say goodbye to Autumn.

Jun 3, 2019

Frozen Boardwalk

A chilly start for the last day of the long weekend.
The challenge of simply standing up was not to be underestermated

Lewi Two Shoes

Two years old on the 29th May
The cake