Jun 29, 2011

Books I am Reading

"Managing Thought" builds on some training I was lucky enough to have had some years back.
Many of us become victims to our thoughts when in fact they are very controllable with a little awareness and effort. Once you control your thoughts you take control of your life and the direction you choose to take. It's not boring!

The Passage seems to be a really well written and an engaging book so far.

Flipback Books. Very Cool Idea

Check out this video that shows you what these new books look like. See what you think.

Jun 27, 2011


The Crew
Rakaunui in the Maori dictionary states the meaning of this word as something like " full moon on the fifteenth night"
That's really got me confused! (Just found another meaning that makes more sense " full tides and full moons")

A Drip A Drop

Jun 23, 2011

Old School Pictures

Omanu School Prefects 1967 (Rob middle row third girl to the right of the male teacher)

St Marys 1958. That's under nourished me second row from back 5th from right.
Yikes 53 years ago!

Jun 18, 2011

Heavy Lifters

Tauranga road bridge in foreground and container cranes behind.

Jun 13, 2011

Mayor Cuts Ribbon

Fergusson park was the focus of the community on Sunday when the mayor came to open the Otumoetai Sport's and Recreation Club the home of local football, guides, cricket, kite surfers,scouts and astronomers.

A very cool reflector Telescope housed in the observatories quarters
 Stuart Crosby Mayor of Tauranga get ready with the weapon of choice!
 The cut
 What do we do now?

Girl Guiding getting ready to serve up the post event cuppa

Jun 11, 2011

Coronary Artery Disease. Research Update

Check out this LINK and read the article. But invest another 60 minutes and watch the video from Dr Steven Nissen and his lecture (see Watch The Lecture within the article) about plaque, statins, LDL, HDL,  and research findings that will be released soon. Also there is discussion in the video about a discovery in Italy where two scientists have discovered a number of people in a village that carry a mutated gene which makes a powerful form of HDL in their bodies. (The gene is called ApoA-1 Milano). People with this gene do not have CAD regardless of their LDL levels. This is thought to be a very significant finding and work is underway to make this "super HDL synthetically"
One encouraging finding is that this confirms our direction to lower LDL to very low numbers (2 to halt CAD and 1.5 to regress) and in my case I am doing this with a combination of diet (whole foods/plant based no oils) and  low dose of Statin (Atorvastatin or Lipitor).
My plan is to get to 1.5 (now at 2) and if I have to increase statins to do it this video has convinced me that's what I need to do. Hopefully however I can do it on the diet plus low dose statin as side effects are a concern.

Ken & Pauline O'Sullivan.

Circa early '60's
Great Grandparents of Grace and Thomas.
Mum & Dad to us lot.

Body Language!

Jun 8, 2011

Another Archer

My latest.
Not bad. This guy can tell a good story.
I am only 100 pages into it and it feels a little like his previous novel Kane & Able which was/is also a great read.

124 Years ago and others.

I like these old style cycle industry ads. Check out the three wheeler with girlfriend on front.
Imagine that!

Jun 6, 2011

Misty Warm Long Weekend

Rob and I got up early and took a walk around the inner harbour and then walked up Mauao.
There were some amazing colours in the sky as the sun tried to force its way through the cloud and mist.