Jan 30, 2014

Can You Hear That Theme Tune? (Daa da da da da daa)

Not Manchester UK but Port Napier NZ


Three nice NZ craft beers
Brew Moon from North Canterbury
Townshend Sutton Hoo from Upper Moutere Nelson
Rocky Knob from Mt Maunganui

Barrow Boy

Thomas gets a ride from Dad so he can't recover between loads!
From their South Island odyssey

Jan 28, 2014

A Beautiful Thing

This beautiful prop on the 100 year old Sopwith Camel is unlikely to be the original but I am trying to find out more about its origin.
The Sopwith Camel was built in UK and had a max speed of 185kph and a range of 500km. It could fly to a height 6300 meters. No oxygen and very basic protection in an open cockpit must have been a really cold and memorable experience. Not to mention possibly being shot at during the experience.
At the airshow

More Oldies.

From the 70's (My guess)
The handsome couple on the left are Grace and Thomas's Gran and Koro (Grandad) Tom and Marg.
But is that a bottle of Montana Pearl on the table? (The tear shaped bottle). Anyway it's a classic drop from that era whatever it is. I remember it clearly.

Jan 27, 2014

Kiwi Blue

RNZAF Parachute training and support units display team, Kiwi Blue, put on a great display at the Air Show

Jan 26, 2014

100 Years Since WW1

Fokker Tri Plane in the middle.
Click image for large view.

2014 Tauranga Air Show

We all know about bird strike, but this......
Lot's more shots to come.

The Plan

Prior to hitting the rapids a plan is agreed to.
Or are they are deciding on which pub to hit tonight....?


Ladder Fern. Very common in NZ bush

Jan 24, 2014

Waipunga Falls

 Between Taupo and Napier this 40 meter waterfall can be seen from a rest area to the North of the road

Fertilizer Spreader

Supporting a vital part of our economy. Agriculture contributes about $6B to NZ and the use of fertilizers are mandatory to keep soils productive. We use about 4.5 million tonnes each year.
This photo was taken in the Waikato region the biggest consumer of fertilizer in the country.

Moon Men


 Lucky no one was looking

Jan 23, 2014

My Little Bro

From the second half of the last century. 
But check out the toys.
A rifle! A Gollie!! 
Trucks have come a long way, a metal bucket and a rocket of sorts.
But wait, where the hell is the iPad?

Leap Of Faith

Rob was going to take a dive into the tide but it went out right at that  very moment!

Jan 22, 2014

All Aboard

Paulo and the rats havin a great time down south
G with a bunch of old world cameras

Jan 20, 2014

Te Mata Peak

We climbed an impressive peak this morning in Napier.
Rob is risking the edge.
The landscape is like central Otago. A stunning outlook.

Jan 18, 2014

Family Photos From Over Half A Century Ago

Many more to come in this series
My bro Kenny standing alongside me. My guess is that I am 7 and Ken 2
And a couple of years later when I broke my collar bone.
My shadow was always there ready for the camera!
These old photos crack me up. Can't see kids of today wearing those "cool" togs.

Jan 16, 2014



Look what I got in my email.
Thomas. He has just spent a few weeks down south with the grandees being fed up, combed up and no doubt a little spoilt. Been rabbit shooting (well, spotting for the shooter) I hear.

Jan 12, 2014

Remember Xmas

When I heard the shops were stocking up on Easter eggs I thought we need to revel in the joys of Xmas just a tad longer so here is a shot of the kids with Santa their mum sent me.
Grace & Thomas 2013

Jan 10, 2014

Plant Based Diet Update

Over three years ago Robyn and I embarked on a life saving (hopefully) change in diet.
I had been diagnosed with two blocked coronary arteries that could not be stented.
This diagnosis came as a hell of a shock as we/ I had led a very healthy lifestyle for most of our adult life (Exercise a plenty, Mediterranean diet)
Then one day out of the blue....chest pain. It literally stopped me in my tracks!
Many medical experiences later we were left with meds as the only option as far as doctors were concerned.
However our own research found that there was another way even reversal! A plant based diet. 
ch)Within a few weeks of following this advise I was back riding my bike and doing all the things I love to do.
Dr Esselstyn's book we follow LINK
The challenge of our new way of eating was significant. Robyn, bless her, was fully on board. For her it meant a hell of a big change in that all her "famous" food recipes  loved by the family and me were out the door.
A long story short we now eat well and tastefully thanks to what we have learnt from the people in the medical profession like Dr Esselstyn.
In the last few days I found this web site and have included it here as I believe this approach may become the approach in future. It is slightly less demanding than our current approach and way more realistic for most people in my opinion.
Take a look and decide for yourself. If time is short just take a look at the conclusions.


This bridge could be well suited to a certain Loch in Scotland

Tuakau Bridge

This concrete bridge was built in 1933 and is an important part of rural Frankton district access to the west coast across the Waikato river.
I love the beautiful shape. 
 Check out the left hand pillar
A very rural community out that way
 Local Maori kids train in their waka on the river

Black Sands & Surf

Port Waikato on the West coast is an old world Kiwi holiday spot.
Life is all about the sea (Tasman) and river (Waikato)
Down on Sunset beach its black sand and waves and wind from Australia.
Looking South
Looking North. The Waikato river exits to the sea just before the far headland This scene is so foreign to us east coast white beach lovers.

Sunset Beach. A life guard even!
  Artistic fence. Stops you walking off the cliff!