Jan 30, 2012

Classics Airshow Tauranga 2012 (updated for HD)

This is about 12 minutes long. Will play full screen if you have the download capacity.

Classics Of The Sky Airshow

More to come.
It was a fantastic day.
This Tomahawk P40 is painted with the "Shark face" for operations in China and Burma during WWII.

Jan 28, 2012

Ka Pie

 Off the beaten track in Nelson is this "shopping center"
It's right out of the 50's in many respects.
Here are two interpretations and a couple of close ups.
No we never got to eat there!

James Reed Again (G, G Grandfather)

This is an extract from the familytreecircles web site. Note it comfirms again that he was not born a Reed.
See this LINK
here is an extract meanwhile
James REED(adopted name) was born Maurice Philippe de MONTBOISSIER 
BEAUFORT de CANILLAC on the 28th October 1792 in Hampstead, Middlesex, England. 
The following record was found in a REED family Bible "Maurice Philippe de MONTBOISSIER BEAUFORT de CANILLAC born at Hampstead London 28th October 1792, son of Comte Maurice Philippe de MONTBOISSIER BEAUFORT de CANILLAC, baptised in the Catholic faith." 
His birth record is found in the HERALDS COLLEGE REGISTER 1793[#115 - last entry]; registered by exiled French Aristocrat Maurice Philippe de MONTBOISSIER BEAUFORT de CANILLAC: "I certify that my first child Maurice Phillippe [sic] de MONTBOISSIER BEAUFORT de CANILLAC was born at Hampstead in the County of Middlesex on the twenty eighth day of October last and baptized the 30th of the same month by *Phillippe Francoise D'ALBIGNAC de Castlenau, Bishop of Angouleme (now residing at Richmond in Surrey) who like myself was compelled to quit France by a Decree of the Legislative Assembly of that country." 

Orokawa Bay

Allow two hours minimum if you want to walk to this isolated beach from Waihi beach. This will be enough time to get there take a look around and get back. Of course if you have time take a book and lunch and spend as much time as you can. Its beautiful and quiet.
However the day we went as the bay came into view there smack in the middle of the stunning white sand beach was a breached container of timber washed up from the wreck of the Rena. I am sure this will be cleaned up soon. Meanwhile it was interesting to look closely at the damage and see the power of the sea which had busted the container open and even taken the entire heavy steel end right off!
Click on the top pic and the others should open as well.
Looking back east at the Mount
click on the top image and the others should become available as a strip.
 Orokawa Bay comes into sight (see the red spec on the beach)
 A closer look
 The contents and torn steel!

 From the beach. Thats Mayor Island on the blue horizon.
 Large rock formations and oh, that looks like Rob again.

Jan 26, 2012


Rob enjoying Vege & Tofu. Oh, and a vino I see.

James Reed. Sunday (Raoul) Island

This is an interesting reference from the Poverty Bay Herald 1914 to James Reed (My G, G, Grandfather)
This is in regard to the dispute of the ownership of Raoul Island. Reeds were there first but the Bells laid claim.
I don't know the outcome except that no island, to my knowledge, ended up in our family.

James Reed

My G, G, Grandfather and his wife Kahumahinga lived and raised kids on one of the Kermadec Islands (Raoul) which was then known as Sunday Island. References keep popping up from time to time here is the latest.
Following is an extract.

Captain James Reed, son of Count Maurice- Phillippe de Montboisier Beaufort, married Te Kahumahinga or Agnes, daughter of Te Pukere and Paretona originally of Urenui.  She was a connection of Te Rauparaha. He met her at Te Awaiti, the whaling station. They had 3 children born in Cloudy Bay, Queen Charlotte Sound- Thomas- 1832, Edmund- 1833, Charlotte- 1835. In 1836, The couple, their 3 children and a group of slaves which she had been given by Te Rauparaha, sailed to Raoul Island in the Kermadec group north of New Zealand. They were later joined there by Daniel and Noa Baker.
The Reeds had 4 children born on the island- Harriet Anne- 1837, Sarah Kaohi- 1839, John- 1840, and William - 1844. In 1843 the island, which is a live volcano, began erupting, and the Reeds decided to return to New Zealand. Their 8th child William was born at Northcote, Auckland in 1844. Captain Reed and Te Kahumahinga had a Christian marriage at St Pauls Anglican Church, Auckland on 15 April, 1845. They had 4 more children later, a girl, Thomas2- 1850, James-1850, and Alice- 1855.

Off To Oz

Ash (White top) says bye to her mates as she heads off to Aussie for training and work experience in the hospitality industry while Ken tells tall stories (on the left).
Tauranga airport Jan 4th.

Life Boat Practice. Volendam.

A topical subject right now after a cruise ship got into serious trouble in Italy and the cruise industry has come under the spotlight for safety management and design.
The ship
The first lot (took ages)
 The second lot
 They formed up in circle. Not a lot of staff on board by the looks.
 They head back. Imagine being stuck in this in massive seas for days on end.
Worse outcomes could be imagined I guess!

From Rena

On a beach near Waihi

Jan 23, 2012

Mount Beach

click on photo for large version
The Mount Just before it got really hectic this season.

Jan 22, 2012

The Coke Invasion

The Coke team arrive at the Mount like an invading army.
Kids of all ages get involved and have a ball.

Container Ship Departing

This ship is well on its way from Tauranga. That's Mayor Island (Tuhua) in the distance approx 22 miles (nautical distance) out from Tauranga.

Jan 20, 2012


Old world look

No 23 With Banana Malt Smoothie

G With Leg In Plaster

Nothing slows this girl down!
Taken a few hours before her plaster was removed which she had put on 4 weeks before. Fell off scooter and broke three bones in her left foot....ouch!

What You Do In Ohope

This is what the kids were doing just down from the camping ground. We could not believe how Ohope has developed. Nice spot and reminded us of how NZ used to be a few decades ago.

Whale Island

Taken from the Whakatane foreshore

Jan 19, 2012


Mt Edgecumbe 238M above sea level.
Not an active volcano
 White Island. Active.
40ks off the coast of Whakatane.