Dec 26, 2019

Christmas Day

 Rob & Sarah's for brunch.
Wonderful start to a really enjoyable day.

 Lewi playing 
 Jay with flying saucer
 This bits fun.
Gran, Grandad Robyn, Sarah and boys.
 Meet the chef. Nice job Robo

 Food, table and company were great thanks you guys.
 Chilling between treats
 Ice cream headache on the right.
 later at Paul and Kyleigh's we had photos with Grace and Thomas.
Was nice to catch up with the other half of the family there.

Dec 25, 2019

Happy Christmas

Jay, Christmas eve
And in the pool (Thanks for the pic Thimas)

Dec 17, 2019

Farmers Building Tauranga

Concrete pour. Very early days. I plan to take a closer look.
Our companies products are protecting the steel from corrosion. Later our fireproofing coatings will be applied once they can be protected from rain and weather.

Dec 15, 2019

This Weekend

The Tauranga family got together and came to celebrate the old boys 70th.
Much appreciated.

 Rob, Grace, Sarah
Jay and I went to the beach before the dinner. Amazingly beautiful day.
And had the compulsory ice crean. His was called Fairy Bread
 A neighbours Christmas front lawn

Dec 8, 2019

Last Couple Of Days

Fly to Wellington. Beautiful sunrise quickly snapped on the phone.
 Best seat in the plane if the prop flies off!
 Stunning walk around the Mount.
 Thomas's 12th birthday, here with Nana
 Handsome dude indeed

Dec 5, 2019

A Big Number

70 Today
OMG Check out the racing cars!
Things have changed just a tad.

First New Zealand Championship Road Race, 1949
The winner of this 169km race averaged 106kph.
Not a lot of roll protection.
First New Zealand Championship Road Race, 1949

Dec 2, 2019

Yes Two Thumbs Up

Jay loves the surf beach. He will spend the entire day running away from the waves.
Not that I was waiting there to test that theory.

Tidy Up

We went to visit Robyn's Mum (Di) and Dad (Jim)and clean up the headstones.
Di would have been 100 years old on the day of our visit.