May 30, 2023

Lewis 6

Lewi is growing up fast. Can be a handful at times but mostly a real funny and on-to-it kid. 

This is a beaut bike. 11 speed, hydraulic disc brakes and a cool paint job. Lucky boy indeed.

May 24, 2023

Race in a Race

 The Matua schools cross country was a big event at Fergusson Park a couple of weeks back.

Our guy, Lewis (year one), was giving out his best. 

At the back (with the hair😀)
Making a pass, looking good
Oh no, being passed!

But won the day, finally passing his in-race competition
Looking wasted at the end. Good job Lewi

May 15, 2023

Tauranga Harbourside

 I like to check out the old rail bridge area as there is always something going on. I took the boys Sunday after a nice breakfast at Rob Harris.

Beautiful morning

A new underpass going our way soon. Read below. Great idea.

May 13, 2023

Mothers Day

 Mother to my boys. Some memories for her.

All started here.

With her mum
A great kitchen artist (bloody messy though😀)
With our oldest
With both boys
With her mum and our oldest son
And the youngest blighter
Our little family
Thats them both

May 7, 2023

Wet Afternoon

 2 hours entertainment other than the box.

The challenge was to draw a prehistoric scene.

Lewis (5 years)

Jay (8 years)

Great job boys. Now you can settle down to ET (yes ET!) and the ice block treat as promised.

Gold Cup

Jay, player of the day and really well deserved.
Actually not a cup, but a McDonalds 'M' with a football on top. Oh, and two lollies😀


 A big day in London. A Kings Coronation.

I could not resist snapping a few shots from TV for our records

Charlie looks like a Pope