Oct 30, 2013

Fingers From Hell

One Of Eighty

Eighty cruise ships expected in Tauranga this season.
Not long ago one of these beauties arriving would bring crowds to the waterfront to enjoy the experience.
Now...? Well everyone runs away!  (see below)
Just kidding.

Oct 17, 2013


Queen Victoria Building Sydney

The Archers

This is far to stunning for an escalator backdrop.
Queen Victoria building Sydney
Stunning multi-level shopping in an old world setting

Oct 11, 2013

Oct 9, 2013

William C Daldy

A night trip on this beautiful old (and now unique) steam tug was a real experience thanks to the team that run, maintain and cherish her. Under her own steam she left Scotland (built there in 1935) and headed out down under to Auckland. One statistic that has stayed with me re this voyage is that it took some 85 days and she required one ton of coal each hours to keep the boilers making enough steam to power her across the planet.
Cast off
 Ready to roll
 Backs up
 Off down the harbour
 BBQ in progress
 Passing by the Cloud
 Just a handful of the many gauges on board
 Engine room action

 View south from the deck
 On the bridge as we approach the Auckland Harbour Bridge
 Bridge and City
 Kathy tends the bar and takes a break between demand. She proudly tells me about the many years she has been involved with the Willian C Daldy project.

Oct 8, 2013


One of the stokers on the steam tug William C Daldy.
The oldest ship of its type in the world still operational.
Coal fired boilers supply high pressure steam to the two massive engines.
Auckland New Zealand since 1935

Oct 7, 2013

Flowers On The Park

A quick walk out the back door on to the park and you can quickly see that spring is well underway.


Beautiful conditions on the inner Tauranga harbour.
Top pic pre-aged just for fun.

Oct 5, 2013

Viaduct Carvings Auckland

Maori carvings in public areas.
A beautiful Waka stern post and stone with carved timber entrance way below.

Cop Shop

Mt Mauganui's very original Police station. The more I study its design the less I understand it.
A temple maybe or museum perhaps.

Oct 3, 2013

Night Sky Tower & Harbour Bridge

From the upper Auckland harbour looking back south to the city.
It was a dark and very windy night.
click image for larger version

Oct 1, 2013

Bikeman For Hire

Waiting for a fare. 
Not much business tonight as the winds are blowing 40kph and its cold.
Meanwhile cabs are in high demand in Auckland city