Oct 29, 2017

Heavy Metal

The Tauranga rail bridge with Mt Maunganui peaking out on the left hand side.

Oct 23, 2017

Jay At The Start Of The Tree Tunnel

A test for locals...where is this?
Carmichael Reserve 
(We went looking for Lions....)

Oct 21, 2017

Grace Wins Fight. Very Proud Poppa

 Jiu Jitsu today.
Grace in white. She did really well. Her coach was great and immediately showed Grace a couple of moves she could have improved on but he was really pleased with her performance.
(STOP PRESS Grace just had her second fight and took out the final! Wow)

 Ref keeps close eye on the girls and the points markers tally things up in the background.
 Good sports.
 The afterglow

Oct 17, 2017

From The Old Album

This is a rare pic, the only one I have seen.
Robyn's Mum (Di) and Dad (Jim)
 Robo and the old man
 Robo and Elise.
They were shocker kids together. Nothing stood in their way...

Oct 15, 2017

Jay Today

Such great company. We had a hell of a good time exploring under the Tauranga harbour road bridge today.

From The Old Album

Robyn and me back in the early 80's
Living in simple paradise at the Mount.
 Robyn's mum, Di. I think they were in Sydney or Singapore back in the 80's
 Two of my many diving finds.
The anchor was from Rabbit island just off Mount Maunganui on the Pacific ocean side but the other item is the internals of a pressure gauge I found from a very old wreck off Karewa Island to the north west of Tauranga, the Taranaki. 
Poor Robyn having to put up with all this junk (and bags of Crays) coming home to our place most weekends.

Oct 2, 2017


Floor level view.  New warehouse
And what I was really seeing....