Mar 31, 2020

Lockdown 6

Mum and Dad
Circa mid 70's
 Paul with Nana (Robyns mum) and Robyn
Circa mid 80's
 Robyn and Keno. We caught top with him in Australia many years ago.
He seems to be missing the watermelon on his plate...
Circa late 80's
 I hate this but that's us
Circa mid 80's
 One of my really early bikes and helmet
Circa early 90's
 Training in the rain. I grew to hate this trainer
 Missing these moments badly

Covid Humour

Mar 30, 2020

Stunning Evening

Out our back door just now. So lucky to be locked down here.

Lockdown 5

This is Una.
Mums sister and my Aunt. Husband was Uncle Jack. She was an amazing and outrageous person.
Never had kids, had big dogs named Shot and Spot and extremely generous to us kids, nothing was too much.
At 6ft tall, in those days, she stood out above the crowd.
Una was a forewomen at a food processing and canning company in Nelson called S Kirkpatricks & Co
The picture of the building below is welded in my memory just as it is.
Each Xmas holidays we would fly from Tauranga to Nelson (They paid) and we would stay with Una and Jack for a few weeks. Part of that was the Kirks kids Xmas party in a hall across the road from that building. Great times. Often we would wait for Una to finish work (outside that building) and walk home with her, about a 5 minute walk. All the time hoping she would suggest stopping for a  bag of fries from Pete's fish and chip shop or some other treat. She never let us down.
But wait, Curried Rabbit!
Hope we never got that....

Mar 28, 2020

Lockdown 3

In 2009 I played with making character drawings of our family at the time.
 Guess who

Mar 27, 2020

Lockdown 2

My family. 
Some old pics that may bring back some good memories.

Francie and Coll welcome back Ken (AKA Gunther) from Aussie.
Actually they did this at the airport. Shameless..
 Ken as a kid. All these toys were probably mine as his would have been in bits..
 Mum, Ken and my handsome dad at a very boring wedding in Katikati.
 Dad and Ken with our amazing limo.
 Lyn (AKA Gidge) Ken and me.
Some people may have thought we were trailer trash at one level or another but life was simple and good and we were well loved and fed.
 Ken at some beach or other. Looks like he was into beer already..

Mar 26, 2020

Lockdown 1

Nelson 2009/10
The John O'Sullivan arrived in Nelson in 1841 on the Will Watch
The list shows labourer but other records show surveyor. My guess is labourer. Thats us all over.
 Name third from the bottom.

The passenger list below is from the Lloyds, another ship that arrived in Nelson in 1842 bringing Ellen, Johns wife, and their 4 children. Note while the names on the plaque are O'Sullivan the original list had Sullivan on it.
Our family descended from Timothy even though we did not sponsor him for the cost of the plaque. We sponsored Michael who does not have any remaining family.

 Rob at Mapua wharf
 Rob on our usual hill clime up the Grampians in Nelson
 Looking back from the Grampians. The far point is the Glenn. See below.
 This is 'The Glenn' or Glenduan. A small settlement where we used to live when I was 4 years old.
The insert is the original little cottage that's still there.
Robyn shopping in Takaka. Check out the mirror

Mar 25, 2020

Lockdown Decisions

Going to be challenging

Todays Lockdown

Rainbows End 2012
Paul, Kys, Grace & Thomas
Oh, and my bubble buddy, Robyn.
It was a great day.

 Tommy not at all happy

Mar 24, 2020

Lock Down Pandemic

Ok, facing 4 weeks of isolation is a hell of a daunting prospect.
I will miss my family, my job, my freedom and so will almost everyone else.
One thing I will be doing will be to put a post up each day of special moments in our family over the years. Some pictures will have been up before some will be new. Hopefully they will bring a smile to  family and friends over the next 4 weeks.
On the 21st of April 2007 Rob and Sarah tied the knot on a beautiful day at Omanu beach.
The men get ready
 I love little Grace. Check out the frown. The girls looked stunning.
 Grace Paul and Kyleigh
 Sarah with her family.
Rob and Sarah

Mar 17, 2020

So What's A Ya Problem?

Lewi, pending Mafia candidate in disguise. 

Painted Rocks

Jay and I often go hunting for painted rocks. We have even made our own and sent them into the world.
This one we found recently, however, is very special.
There is a Facebook address on the one of the stones. Worth a look.