Sep 30, 2014

Copenhagen Cones Mt Maunganui

The last days of September and already there are summer-like lines of ice cream fans lining up outside the shop. You can smell the warm vanilla scents on the air from this shop a 100 meters away. Hmmm tempting.

T-Rex 550E Helicopter

On the park this week. $2000 worth of kit here not including the control.
This guy handled it like a real pro. Apparently it can fly up to a kilometer in altitude and radius.
Any further and my guess is that it would vanish from visibility 
His advice to me was if you take up this sport start with the cheap plastic machines. 
This one is battery powered.

Sep 29, 2014

Te Aho a Maui

The fishing line of Maui. 1991. Wellington New Zealand

Volcanic Plateau

The Desert Road runs through the volcanic plateau in central North Island New Zealand.
Its really easy to access really cool little spots like this just two minutes walk from the car.
Thats Mt Ngauruhoe in the background.

Sea Gulls

These guys can be such a big pain especially if you have just washed the car and you park alongside someone who opens their car window and throws out a bunch of scraps!
But they are beautiful in flight if you can see some of the maneuvers they do in the blink of an eye.

Sep 27, 2014

Critical Appraisal

The Sydney Opera House is an Australian iconic piece of architecture recognised world wide. More than 8 million people visit and it contributes over $1B  to the economy each year and supports over 12,000 jobs.

Hay Barn House Takaka

Seen better times this one.....

Sep 26, 2014

A Simple Rose

Sometimes you just have to kick back and smell the roses. It is so easy to rush on past the beautiful things in our world while one is busy with the smart phone.


Kind of suits his name. 

Sep 25, 2014


Mount main beach.

Kid With ET

Young Thomas with his pop. When you look at this I am amazed that the kids don't freak and run for the hills when they see us old buggers approaching. Funny really.

From The Old Album

Taken back about 1956 when we had just moved from Nelson to Tauranga.
On the left my older sister Lyn (now Gidge) she is flicking her fingers to get baby Ken to look at the "bloody camera will you"
My young brother ken in the middle with a hat right out of the TV series Bonanza.
On the right thats me. I had hair then and per usual at the time my one and only cool possession, my cowboy outfit.
They were the days when we had nothing, expected nothing and got nothing yet seemed to always be having fun.....we were loved and fed. Life was simple.

This Time

A typical scene from the Tauranga harbour. You have to admire the tenacity of the average fisherman here. They can withstand the worst that nature can throw at them just to get a chance to hook up. Very addictive.
My own experience with fishing from the shoreside or wharf around Tauranga is abysmal. Hours of nothing but spotties, the odd Kahawai, weed, boredom and snags.
But hell tomorrow will definitely be better....

Sep 24, 2014

Huka Falls Taupo New Zealand

On a grey overcast day the colours in the water are amazing.
Lake Taupo drains into the Waikato river and within 5 minutes drive downstream the normally wide Waikato squeezes into a 20 meter wide gorge and rushes over a 20 meter drop. This is the Huka falls  flowing and disgorging water at the rate of about 220,0000 litres per second back into the Waikato.
 Japanese tourists on the bridge
 The actual falls area

Sep 23, 2014

Wellington City Library

I love the glass construction and amazing shapes and reflections you can see in this building at the right time of day when the light is just right.
 The surrounding structures contrast and compliment the curves in the library 
 Then there is this stairway to wet feet nearby.
Rather awesome if not a little crazy

Sep 22, 2014

Fruits Of The Garden

Sculpture by Paul Dibble. Wellington waterfront.
It is so easy to walk on past these master pieces that are on public display and not even give them more than a passing glance. I find if I stop and have a good look then do a little research about the person behind the artwork it can transform my appreciation.
This link has a short video about Paul Dibble at work on another piece. The energy and passion to get his ideas to fruition are there for all of us to see. 

Sep 21, 2014


Built in the USA these cars were big in their time.
You tend to think that these vintage vehicles were made in small number, almost one off's.
Over half a million made in various shapes and sizes.
This one on the streets in Wellington.

 Original price for the top end models were around US $900. Nowadays a restored version in going condition sells in NZ of over $45,000.


Beer Festival extracts Wellington
 This is what you feel like after a few samples
 Beer Ice Cream!
 Craftsman convincing a punter on the quality of his particular brew
Passing faces

Sep 13, 2014


With Uncle Frank & Aunty Rose's awesome holiday bus.
Thanks for the pics guys.


Sep 11, 2014

New Livery

Air new Zealand has a new paint scheme and livery. The old one below in the bottom two shots looks suddenly dated!
Play the video in the link its really worth watching.

Sep 10, 2014

No Corn Fields Here

Sand circles. Some imaginative son or daughter got up early to do this for their dad.
Mount entrance beach.