Aug 31, 2022

Making Paint

From 2005. This is paint making equipment. Not something many people have seen before unless you are in the business. So for the fun of it. The top picture is a from then business end of a twin shaft high speed disperser. Four special blades that induce high shear into the batch of resin and pigment until it is in a smooth paste ready for further additions of resins and additives to create a finished product.
This is a basket mill which also carries out a similar dispersion process but is reserved for more difficult to grind materials. The cylinder is filled with Zirconium Oxide beads and is normally immersed in the paint and run until the product is smooth and ready for finishing.


Aug 27, 2022

Aug 21, 2022

More Family History 2

 This from Nelson Photo News 1971

Bill Reed was my grandfather, John Henry's brother. Also my dad was a Rival player for years at rep level.

The link is here

More Family History


This is a Reed family reunion in Motueka Nelson in 1966. These people are mums family, she was a Reed.
I found this in a Nelson Photo News linked here

Last Night

The family arrived and after a few drinks and a swim (hot pool) the kids settled down to their technology, we watched some women's rugby (NZ Black Ferns v Aust) and the big kids took to arm wrestling. Then the drums got a hammering... so a good evening.

Jay and Lewi

Tommy and Nana

Nelson Floods

 We have seen Nelson devastated over the past week with massive flooding, slips and evacuations. In my early 20's I recall a similar storm in Nelson (We came from there and went back annually for holidays)

I found a story in the Nelson Photo News from September 1970. Its worth a read. The photo was taken about 20 meters from my aunty and uncles house in Seymour Ave. The story linked here

Aug 9, 2022

Out and About

 A wet day so we got in the car and went to the marina, the harbour bridge and the memorial park playground.

I had some explaining to do for Jay on this one. These guys should design T-Shirts or better still Speights ads....yeah right....

I think he was a bit shocked
Used to be Humpty Dumpty. Now it's just a dude. Cleverly done.

Fit boy now.

Aug 2, 2022

Fix Up

In my teens and 20's I spent a hell of a lot of time under the bonnet of my cars keeping them going. Now, as an old guy, I am back under the bonnet of my favourite lounge chair fixing the leg rest release. Thats life! 😄