Sep 17, 2021

My Dad

Ken O'Sullivan
 Loved his Rugby. Represented Nelson but I don't know the details.
Looks like he was possibly still in his teens here.
Later years in Totara St Nelson, mum and dads first and only new home. Me with mums mother (my Nana) and an Aussie friend on the right. My big sis Lyn (Aka now as Gidge) sitting. I look like 4 or so. 
Circa 1955.
Looks like he's acting it up here. Not like him. A few beers later perhaps...
Mid 40's. He came back from Egypt and Italy and had been very ill from a bullet wound and pneumonia
We understand this photo was taken during his recovery in NZ.
With mum. In their 50's
Need to check on the year of this as our youngest  was yet to be born by the looks.
Having a formal photo was not like us. But pleased they did it.

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