Dec 20, 2014

Summer Fog Tauranga Harbour

Piles and Bridge (best viewed large)
 Elizabeth Heights apartments above houses tucked away south side of the rail bridge 

Kids From 2009

Thomas (top) Grace below
I like looking back and seeing how much they have changed.

Dec 16, 2014


I think its Flax if not its a close relation. I liked the silver and green look on the underside of the straps that were exposed after a heavy storm went through.

Dec 15, 2014

A Haunting and Sad Moment

I took this photo over a month ago without thinking or knowing and it was not until I was looking back over my files that I realised that this is the mum of the little boy Jack who was lost to a rogue wave from a rocky and shelly beach at the Mount earlier this year.
I would not have put this up but tonight when we walked around the Mount (Mauao) base track and looked at the large Pohutukawa tree where the family and public have left pictures, toys and shell strings in memory. I made the decision. The little red flag has Jack written on it.

Dec 14, 2014

6 Years Back Already

Time just rushes past.
This shot taken in 2009! Some of my work mates with me on the right.

Gannet Dive

Spots prey, air brakes on (tail and feet) starts to drop
Still dropping wings changing shape
Neck extending wings pulling back, speed gaining
Everything changes to the shape of a spear. This stage is extremely fast and barely visible

Dec 9, 2014

Ocean Race Tauranga

 With Mayor Island (Tuhua) in the background the yachts round A boy to hear back into the harbour. As you can see it was blowing like hell from the South West.
The leaders from this group
 Karewa Island in the background

Dec 7, 2014

New Zealand Lamb

Showing interest in the Camera and not in the least concerned.
Click on image for larger view.