Dec 10, 2017

The Weekend With The kids

Grace doing amazing stuff on the tramp...seriously impressed

 Thomas (Birthday boy) being a good sport when J beats him to blowing out his birthday candle
 J celebrating getting to the top of Mt Drury
 Stunning  Pohutukawa tree on Leisure Island today
Tip Top Hokey Pokey ice-cream today. Jay loved it. A Kiwi classic.
In his words "on our beach, on the grass by the mountain..."

Dec 9, 2017

Thomas, 10 Big Years

Happy birthday mate. 7th December 2007
Following are a few snaps of Thomas
The arrival

Dec 5, 2017

Oh Lonesome Tree

Our neighbourhood is not known for its well planned tree planting programs of days gone bye.
So do you plant more and wait or cut the darn thing down?
Funny I have walked past this for years and only noticed it recently.


A great opportunity to remember your parents (if they have moved on) and think about the sacrifices they made to give you a good life and the fun you all had.
So that's what I did today.

Dec 4, 2017

Mystery Object

There are relatively few people in the world who have seen this bit of gear.
No it's not a saw blade.
Even fewer have seen these
This equipment is what most modern paints are made with. High speed dispersion blades that generate high shear conditions when run at certain speeds and powered by high KW electric drives when the operator is wanting to finely disperse pigments into a resin. Also used to make adhesives, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.
Believe it or not there is some science behind dispersion. 
Check this link

Nov 28, 2017

The Messenger

This amazing painting can be seen on the side of one of the old warehouses in Dive Crescent Tauranga

Nov 26, 2017

One day With Jay

A new hair cut and a day with Nana and Pop.
So his new look explored.

 Cannon fodder!
Needs basic fire arms training....

 What the?!

Nov 22, 2017

Up North

I stayed overnight in Tutukaka for a business meeting.
Had a quick walk around the harbour.
No not Cuba, my hotel!
 Old and new
 Looking west. Hotel right out back
 Looking north

 Looks to be a small local fishing fleet. This fisher coming home

Nov 12, 2017


I took Jay up the Mount track to see this, in his words, big scary man.

 He finds some microscopic thing of interest I can't even see!
 After stalking a hiding rabbit for 10 minutes as soon as he looks and points in the opposite direction the thing bolts and when he looks back, not happy, its gone!
 Meanwhile Lewis is just hanging out (in the pub) wide eyed at the world...