Apr 16, 2014

From The Old Album

Way back in time before computers, cell phones, Mcdonalds and Red Bull just hanging out with Dad was not a bad day for us kids.
This is my bro Ken doing just that while leaning on the old family Morrie 

Sulphur Bay Rotorua

 Just a 5 minute walk from Rotorua city center is Sulphur Bay at the southeast end of Lake Rotorua.
A strangely eerie place. The water is acidic, sulphurous and mineralised and small fumaroles can be seen, as can acid etched bits of wood (quite beautiful). Of course being close to town there is the inevitable examples of random rubbish like the kids sandal below.
The area has history and the link will take you to more info

Apr 15, 2014

Hora de la Fiesta

Party time.
Rob and Sarah's Mexican night out.
Next day was a very sad sight and not a maraca to be seen. Just pills....

Apr 12, 2014


In The Quarry today with the old digger (Not the guy taking the pictures please!) 

Little Monkey

TePuna Quarry. G will climb anything given half a chance

Safe Haven

P Class yachts in Pilot Bay. Storm clouds building.

Classic Mount View

Pilot Bay view of Mauao (Mt Maunganui) late evening 

Apr 11, 2014

Police Station Tauranga

 January 2012. Down she comes. A big gutting underway
April 2014. All better and all new