Sep 3, 2014

Mt Ruapehu New Zealand

As seen over farmland on the central plateau on a nice fine day in August. Several of the numerous power pylons stand out against the snow and cattle can be seen on the ridge to the left. Click image for larger view.

City To Sea Bridge

Another stunning spot on Wellington waterfront. This bridge runs out back of the Civic Center across the road to the harbour

Sep 1, 2014

Two Thirds Of The Guys....

Think the ball is somewhere else in this penalty shot!
But smiles reflect the pleasure from the fact that their protected areas remain safe and intact.
Curious little moments in football.

The Chase

Green man, I can do it.....

 Bugger! Oh well, Green won the game so all good in the end.
(Weekend football at Fergusson park Tauranga)

Aug 31, 2014


At weekend football not everyone was looking at the game

Sculpture "Albatros" Wellington

1985-6 Tanja Ashken


On an early winters morning, on the Wellington waterfront, with storm clouds approaching the rowing club is open and the boys are starting the day with a training session. You have to admire the dedication of our rowers in such freezing conditions. Success comes from hard work and commitment.


Aug 28, 2014

The Arrival

Looked to me like an alien craft floating in between the buildings.
Don't let the wires destroy that thought...

Curves & Squares

Civic Center Wellington at 7am on a dull morning before the crowds arrive.
Love the boldness of this building.