May 26, 2016

St Pauls Cathedral Melbourne

Yellow cab. Oh, and Cathedral ....
And right next door Flinders Street Station
A crazy place at peak it

May 23, 2016

From The Old Album

1985 Rob
With big bro Paul
 With the old man
 With auntie Francie
 With uncle Rob and aunty Francie
 His boy Jay 31 years later.

May 22, 2016

May 18, 2016

More Autumn Moments At McLaren Falls Park

Must get past these beautiful trees! Kind of reflects modern life.
I know from personal experience. Very hard to stop and smell the roses these days.....
 So peaceful and delicate.

 Silvereye (Wax-eye) eating the Persimmons in the park.
 Late in the day and people are still enjoying the amazing colours and lovely soft light.

May 15, 2016

Autumn At The Park

We spent a couple of hours at McLaren Falls Park today. The colours are almost gone but there are still a few lovely spots. Here are a couple of autumn extracts. More to come.
 The Ginkgo

May 11, 2016

Thomas Gets School Award

For improved reading. This is an important award. 
Well done mate....
Thomas is in the centre.