Mar 26, 2017

Back To Lake Rotoma

The boys.
Thomas loving it.
 Rob was the taxi driver...and loving it
 Jay building castles
 Telling Pop about his 'spoon'.
Mate, its a bloody spade....I think....
 Tommy. He was brave enough to jump off the ski way out in the really deep water.
 A super quick snap of a Swallow passing at great speed.
 Four up. Yes four.
 At the camp. Chomping on all the good food aunty Sarah fed us all with.
 Grace shows how the girls can do it too.
 Afterwards. A nice cold ice block.

Mar 22, 2017

The Outback

Sometimes the 'outback' areas are not as tidy as this.
To me this is classic kiwi. Really shows the vintage and history of a town.

Mar 20, 2017


Angels & Demons

 Two monkey tails!
Hands up those who have not done this as kids.
These Norfolk pine what's their names have provided lots of fun for kids of all ages. Especially those who grew up on the coast.
So I showed J my monkey tail (wow pop) then he promptly out ranked me to the hinterland of monkey dom...

Mar 19, 2017

Lake Rotoma. On The Sea Doo

Rob. Waving to Jay.
 Grace on the back after a high speed thrill ride
 Pleased she survived the thrill. She said, "that was awesome, I would do that again..."
 Hoons, Rob and John
 Pure grunt. more power than my Audi A4 2016

Mar 12, 2017

Scary Monster

 Just got these great shots from my sister who is farming with her family in the Waikato.
Their neighbour and a mate got this big boy with dogs and (this is the bit that gets me) one of the guys held the boars back legs while the other brave bugger stuck it!
I thought thats what guns are for.
Sorry if its a big gruesome.

Rain Rain

 Cabin fever drove us to go up to McLaren Falls and check out the river.
It was brown, rough and spectacular. Oh and it was still raining!

 The spillway from the lake which was as full as it gets.
J sticking his beak in....
 We ventured into the wet bush.

Mar 10, 2017

Bowtie and Tiara

Keno chuffed with his effort and Heath just smiling....
This, at our friends 25th wedding anniversary.