Jun 20, 2018

Hamilton Zoo

With G and two of her class mates we headed off to the zoo as part of a school outing.
Weather was ok, not flash but not bad.
After roll call at school we headed off and called into the BP on the way and ordered our drinks for the road.
The girls with a very vocal parrot.
 Heading to the Rinos' 

 Decision time at the vending machine
 Really? The girls loved these pigs!
 Especially this little guy

 So graceful and gentle
 Not so graceful and gentle! But very awesome
 This is what you do for your mates when they are shattered from too much walking (we were lost....)
 A slight attitude after not finding the chimps enclosure for the 'special' presentation the zoo had arranged.
Overall many of the animals seemed to be quietly sleeping or hiding away.
But it was a change from all of our day to day stuff.
I enjoyed just being there with the girls they got on so well and no drama's

Jun 18, 2018

Russel (Kororareka) Bay of Islands

New Zealand's Oldest Church
I took particular interest in this as it was established in 1836 4 years before my great great grandfather on dads side arrived as a pioneer (arranged by the New Zealand Company in UK) into Nelson.
By NZ standards this is a very old building located in Russel. You can still see bullet holes in its walls (most likely musket balls)
 A lot of young men came across the globe to die here!
 Someone still cares

 I went and sat in here for a few minutes and tried to imagine the how it may have been in this part of the world over 178 years ago.
Horrible was the best I could come with...

Jun 14, 2018

Mountain High

7am this morning.
On top of Mauao. (Mt Maunganui)
Just stunning. I thought I would be the only one up there as it was very dark but to my surprise I must have passed or seen at least 40 people most with light on heads. It looked like Christmas time up there and down below.

Jun 10, 2018

64 Amazing and Special Years

Robyn with her mum and young Paul
 Robyn faking exercise. Note a glimpse of slipper....see, faking it!
With her dad
 Cheeky and pissed!
 The two Robyn's. Nursing mates down the east coast.
 Us when we were young. Nurses ball I think.
And now. 
This lady has made me so proud.
She has never let her rubbish vision hold her back and has taken on very challenging sports.
Tennis, scuba diving, long distance road biking, kayaking, mountain biking (oh that crash still freaks me out!) tramping, running, and lately shooting. Where possible gets properly qualified to do these things as well. Now she is a great nana as well.


Back in the 90's
We raced from TePuke to Whakatane for stage 2 of a three stage race.
We had a tail wind and it was a very fast ride. Average speed over 43kph.
At this point Kyle, Phil and Kevin were pulling us along on the Matata straights.
Why I remember this ride was that the sprint started 1km out (a long way) and the speed was frantic.
I got on to Phils wheel as he was more experienced than me and I stuck hard to his wheel.
100 meters from the finish there was a horrific crash just in front and around us. Phil dodged the lot and lucky for me I got through.
If anyone has been in a high speed group crash on your bike you will know what I mean. Screaming of tyres and brakes, crashing of metal and thumps of bodies and faces hitting the deck. Just bloody chaos. Of course the air is blue with extreme cursing and accusations flying around. A couple of hours later we started the last leg of the three from Whatatane to Kawerau. Another scorcher!

Jun 4, 2018

A Mix

Jay stayed over and we made telescopes. His idea!
 Lewi with Pop at the C&B
 Rob with a vino while we waited for the Russell fairy. No such luck so she had to settle for the regular ferry!
 Small beach waves
 The O's from Matua
 Jay wishing Lewi's cake was his

May 28, 2018

Just Lewi

This little guy is very engaging and simply into everything.
When he visits it takes 4 adults in defence positions all evening.
He smiles all the time except not at my camera.

Lewi One Year Old Today

An amazing creation 

 Lewi is a big boy now. He is stepping out.
 Lewi with cake and big bro moving in for a kiss
 More cake
 And more cake!
Big bro Jay on his first birthday, yes its CAKE!
 And more cake
Mum with her two lovely boys, so proud.
And with dad

May 22, 2018

From The Old Album

Circa 1955
Not exactly sure here family. But this is just before we left Nelson for Tauranga or just after we arrived here.
L to R
Me, young Ken, big sister Lyn AKA Gidge and Rocky the dog.
Not sure if I was very approving of Ken pulling the dogs hair..typical
Circa 1958/9
Me second from the left with some of my mates from Otumoetai.
Looks like we built a sandcastle. Just a Km away from where we live now.