Feb 4, 2016

Stone Steps Mauao

These steps, on the north eastern side of the Mount, are almost always crowded these days.
I just had to capture how it may have looked in the 1800s' when the stones were laid.
Then turning the camera slightly to the south on this rainy day.
Definitely nothing like the 1800s'

Feb 2, 2016

Heavy Haulage Faces

From the recent air and truck show in Tauranga.
These big boys were working trucks all spruced up for the occasion.
A big effort by the people and companies who supported the event.
BIG MAC (Mack)
 As they were in the seventies. Check out the indicator arm (hand) on this Pacific at the drivers window!
 Kenworth. Been in NZ since I was a kid.
 Guess this one.
 International (aptly named) 
 Kids still love trucks

 The line up of mostly MAINFREIGHT trucks

Feb 1, 2016


See post below.
This heavy brute was angelic in flight

Grumman Avenger

This aircraft was designed as a carrier based torpedo bomber and entered service in 1941.
Over 10,000 were manufactured. This is a heavy aircraft (heaviest of its type at the time) and its robust build and capability meant it could be modified for civilian and military roles after the war and it remained in service until the 1960's
This example was at the Tauranga airshow in January 2016
And it still folds up per original design required for aircraft carrier borne aircraft

The pilot (his aircraft named PLONKY

Jan 31, 2016

Airshow Tauranga

This guy was so good. 
Click on the first photo to scroll through all at full size.
Going vertical
Till stalling

 Then inversion at the top
 Upside down

 Crowd appreciation recognised 

Jan 29, 2016

Myna Pain

These guys are driving me nuts!
They are nesting in a tree outside and they are so aggressive and loud.
I thought it was ok for a week or so now I want to burn down that bloody tree!

Jan 26, 2016

Non Smoker

At the recent Tauranga air show the Harvards' put on their usual great display.
Lots more from that day coming next.

Jan 21, 2016

Makatote Viaduct

One of our company's large supply projects.
We make the paint....
This is an amazing project. The work continued throughout winter and involved total containment (the white shrouding) during all preparation and painting procedures.
The scaffolding alone is impressive.

Jan 20, 2016

Petrified Log Volcanic Plateau (NZ)

These weathered and semi petrified tree remnants are scattered all over the scoria fields below Ruapehu. Each one looks to me like it has a story to tell.