Aug 25, 2016

Kiwi Icon

The classic corner dairy.
For a few years I thought these were dying out around the country.
But now they are springing up all over the place and even in central city areas.
Now mostly run by indian families they are stocked to the gills with every imaginable snack and saleable thing they can cram in there.
This one in Nelson has been there as long as I can remember.
My mum and her family lived in Haven Road when she was a kid.

Aug 24, 2016

Second Hand Dogs

No animals on sale here.

Better Days

Nelson Port Hills.
Would have been a regal home in its day.
I was expecting Herman Munster to appear on the balcony as we walked past.

Aug 21, 2016

Candles and Back Doors

Shopping areas back doors always intrigue me for some strange reason.
Such a contrast to the front door customer welcoming facade.
This is pristine compared to most.
 But in the back streets you find all sorts of unusual vendors. 
Here a candle maker displays.

Aug 17, 2016

Pink With A Twist

Just an old pink framed bike against a truck till you look a little closer
And see its heavily modified...

Aug 16, 2016

Better Days

I am sure its seen them.
I think this is a Worsley. Love these old junk yard finds.
Not the best neighbours perhaps but this was semi countryside/farm Nelson.

Aug 15, 2016

Stunning Architecture....

Seriously though, this is typical of the memorial structures around New Zealand towns.
This one near Glenduan Nelson and I remember it as a small kid.
The down pipe on the left intrigues me. Can't figure out the from and to of it.

Aug 11, 2016

Colour Bomb

Chairs, brit style, and colourful cushions.
At a craft fair recently.

Aug 8, 2016


So I am in Nelson missing my little mate when this turns up on phone from J's dad.
Made my day...

Jul 31, 2016

Winter Beach Visit

 Mount beach. Cold and windy.
Seven go down to the sea.
Seven people and a cloud.