Feb 25, 2018


Thomas this morning at the Mount

 Man bag
Thomas took this shot near the start of a triathlon today.

Feb 21, 2018

From The Old Album

The picnic
Love the car..
Me, Mum (Pauline), Nana (Mums mother, Agnes Leohnora Reed).
Circa 1954/55
Nana was a tough women. Would not take any BS from anyone. I think it shows don't you? Smoked like an old fashioned factory chimney. Still lived to 77!
Note that Leohnora is not a spelling mistake. Very unusual way to spell Nana's name.
Interesting her headstone is misspelt as Leonora.

Feb 20, 2018

From The Old Album

Circa 1956/57. 
From the left, Mike, Lyn (aka Gidge) Whilma (Ruruaku) with Ken. 
I think this was taken down at Tahuna beach.

Old Barn

Glenduan Nelson (The Glen)

Feb 17, 2018

From The Old Album

This is dad 40 years prior to the photo shown in the previous post.
Not sure but this may have been before he went to North Africa and Italy serving in the army.

Feb 15, 2018

From The Old Album

Mum & Dad
Must have been to the RSA!
Cracking up over something..

Feb 13, 2018

From The Old Album

This old pic has not seen the light of day for decades.
Us kids (minus our older sister)
Mike/Ken  Colleen/Francie
Thanks for making us look good Coll!

Feb 11, 2018

Mount Beach

Weekend Snaps

Jay and I went to check out the waterfall up at McLaren Park.
Its a short walk through some nice NZ bush alongside a stream. 
We plan to go back in the dark because there are glow worms up in the area apparently.
We made it..
 Jay on the bridge heading back. Lots of path gravel ended up in the stream thrown by guess who..

 This is his 'cave tree'
 Then we went to the pub. This is Lewis (now sometimes known as Bruce) with uncle Ken
Hmm, check out the heads..