Dec 10, 2016

Mount Walk

Always lots to see.
Looking North toward mayor Island (Tuhua)
 Can't get in....
 In the entrance on the harbour side. A really nice beach for the kids.
 Old driftwood log
 My buddy J

Dec 8, 2016

Thomas Nine Years Young

We had a nice little party at home for Thomas last night.
Happy birthday mate...

Nov 29, 2016

Homeward On Air New Zealand

Sitting on the Wellington to Auckland flight last week just contemplating the days meetings and enjoying the cloudscapes on the way.

Nov 28, 2016

Nana's Little Helper (Slave)

Cleaning up the pool (note new fence, damn crazy new laws).
Calls for a watering and sweeping assistant. Jay's the man😀

Nov 21, 2016

Things Ya Do

So this is a few of us from work (second from right our American visitor, Howard, and we are at the top of the Sky tower in Auckland.
However, while we did go to the top of the tower and enjoy a light meal we never had this shot taken there.
The very entrepreneurial photographers as you go into the facility at the foot of the tower took the real shot and then created this.

A Hand Up Please Dad

J looking for a little help

Nov 18, 2016

4x4 Fun

So these shots arrived from my young (now old) sister in the Waikato where she and her hubby Rob own a really nice cattle farm with quite a lot of bush.
I thought they worked hard and it was all just grind until I looked at these... 
I never got an invite to what looks like a hell of a lot of fun.


Adults Only

I was a little shocked to see this old poster on the wall of an Auckland restaurant.
I had to ask a friend to take a picture of it with her phone. The theme was during WW2 if I recall.
Hope its not overly offensive (Historical). Not something we might see today.