Oct 27, 2014

Work Out History

Big decision for me. Decided to dump 24 years of work out history (Cycle, Weights, Tramps, Walks, MTB etc) 
 Usually at least 6 to 8 a week.
So decided to take picture of the diaries for the record. Don't count them please as a couple have extra  years included so they represent at least 24 years.
I still keep this going today. Will dump at the end of each year from now on. Trying to declutter.....


Jett from Sydney Australia. Came with his mum and dad to see the family here in cold old Tauranga NZ.
A lovely little fella and a little bit shy. 

Grace Again!

Oct 26, 2014


We went rock hopping right up the river today and it was beautiful. I had the camera and G was keen for  few "shots" for her portfolio!

In The Dark

  Some light sticks and a dark night.
Thomas & Grace
 With Jett (Cousin)
 Jett's Dad (My Nephew)

Oct 23, 2014

HOT Pink Walk Tauranga

A celebration for those who have survived, an inspiration for those recently diagnosed, a gathering of support for families, and an outreach to the community. (from the HOT Pink Walk web site)
The women from Altex got behind this great cause and hit the road in style with hundreds of  girls from around the district.
Many of us have had very close family taken by breast cancer. My wifes mum was one of these. It was a grueling, unpleasant and ultimately sad process. That was years ago now and luckily there are better treatments and management protocols along with fantastic publicity like this walk to tell the stories of survival and early detection.
See our Grace in the middle
(This shot from SunLive Face Book)
Altex Coatings Ladies
 Off they go

Oct 22, 2014

Trees In Transit

In Napier recently. So tidy and purposeful and off to places unknown. 

Old & New

New buildings snuggle alongside ones decades older in downtown Tauranga.
Some attempt has been made to make the new fit with the old. I just liked the picture potential.

Oct 20, 2014

Logging Trucks Circa Late '60s/70s

I found this old photo on the wall of  Tokoroa cafe. Taken at the Kinleith Tokoroa Pulp & Paper mill (maybe the saw mill) Things have changed!