May 4, 2015

My Lovely Grand Daughter

 A special hair doo from mum
 Grace loves to have fun and be crazy but there is a serious side you see time to time.

Autumn At The Park

Very alien like monarch butterfly chrysalis

 A passing wind blown seed
 Seed pods
 The last flower

May 3, 2015


 Two weeks old.
(click on image for larger view)

This Morning

While waiting for my ride to early golf I could not resist getting out the phone and snapping this beautiful and short lived sunrise over Tauranga Harbour

May 2, 2015

To Milford Sound

Exiting the Homer Tunnel. Its big country down there.
 Our boat (well not "ours" as such) 
 You can't see the scale of the hills around the sounds from this shot
 The waterfall was fairly quiet seeing it had not rained for a couple of days. Most unusual for this area which is one of the wettest in the world with up to 14 meters of rain in a wet year and 11 meters in a dry year!
 Repetitive shapes
 Look closely for an idea of the scale of this place
 And again


 Mirror Lake
Track, one of many!
 Snow in the back country in March

Apr 30, 2015

9 Days Young

Nine days along his road to the future. Jayden in his dad's old carry bag thingy!
 And this is dad at exactly the same age (9 days) 30 odd years earlier in that same blue thingy!
I hope all those years in storage have not weakened the stitching!
Thanks for the photos R&S

Apr 29, 2015

Thats Us In Fiordland National Park

Out in the back blocks again. Nice country. Love to be here in the winter. Even as it was in March it was chilly.