Jun 26, 2017


Such a Kiwi kids thing.
Young Jay Jay with dad, first time with his own rod and very proud.
He caught a herring and a couple of spottys on bread dough.
Haven't we all...
Thanks for the pics mum

Jun 25, 2017

On The Mount Today

Grace and I took to the Mount today for a good 2 hours work out.
Lots to explore mostly off the beaten track.
Cool climbing tree
 Not a crop circle but the remains of an old water storage tank
 Follow the leader (she's lost as well..) A good climb straight up to this spot.
 Higher still on the south eastern face
 Coming down the western side via a closed track that is dangerous in places from massive slips.
This is G with camo head gear so the choppers overhead would not spot us, funny.
We ended the day starving so went to a cafe for eggs on toast and a coffee and San Pellegrino 

Jun 23, 2017

Whangarei Falls

A short walk from the main road just south of Whangarei.
Nice one.

Spooky Driftwood

From a secret beach near Waihi New Zealand
Looking out toward mayor Island (Tuhua)

Jun 18, 2017

Scaffold Stairway

On the old IRD building down town Tauranga
Now being upgraded for Vodaphone (I think)


With us about 18 months ago
 Yesterday evening climbing over rocks at the Mount (leisure island)
The kids growing up. Got lots of tricks up his sleeve now as well.
Going home in the car and right out of the blue he said in a loud clear voice "here catch this" and hurled his water bottle at me! (fully expecting me to catch it not cop it..)
My fault, I keep taking him places to throw rocks (we call it ammo)

Jun 13, 2017


A proof shot from a professional photo shoot of the family.
I had to slip a copy of one of Lewis's shots on to my blog for the record.
It's so lovely. (little mouse)

Jun 11, 2017

Duck Race Tauranga

Corporate section. Major business sponsors
Cool dude corporate duck
 Jay Jay watching
 The main race, Go..
My duck was number 302 but he was useless!
Gran, Jay, Nana

Jun 8, 2017