Sep 13, 2014


With Uncle Frank & Aunty Rose's awesome holiday bus.
Thanks for the pics guys.


Sep 11, 2014

New Livery

Air new Zealand has a new paint scheme and livery. The old one below in the bottom two shots looks suddenly dated!
Play the video in the link its really worth watching.

Sep 10, 2014

No Corn Fields Here

Sand circles. Some imaginative son or daughter got up early to do this for their dad.
Mount entrance beach.

Sep 9, 2014

The Boys

Line Out

Steamers ball. Line out code sorted
 Get it right guys...the throw in

Mascot And The Kids At The Rugby

 Steamie the Bay of Plenty Steamers busy mascot mixes it with the kids in the terraces at the Rotorua stadium last weekend.


Nice Kick

Bay of Plenty Steamers Te Aihe Toma executes a nice kick at Sunday iTm game in Rotorua.
Shame it missed. It happens to the best.

Sep 7, 2014

Orakei Korako

Heading back to Tauranga from Taupo on a wet and dull day I noticed the turn off to Orakei Korako.
Time was short so I quickly got to the spot took a few snaps and headed back.
I think the way to go is to take the ferry across (see bottom picture) the little lake and walk up into the thermal area.