May 2, 2016

J's Birthday Family

Mum and Dad and the GPs'
Moments before!
The usual chaos and only Nana behaving for once....

May 1, 2016

Tauranga Harbour Entrance

Dredges and a jack up digger barge have been deepening the entrance and harbours channels for the last couple of years to allow bigger container ships into the harbour.
This is the jackup digger. Actually I have no ideas what it really called and I guess its function is digging out very specific spots the larger dredges miss. It looks to me like a more precision approach.

 Jack up piles in the bow of the barge being lifted as fizz boats head home.


Little Waterfalls

Auckland Maritime Museum

Old time tugs, boats and crane barge Rapaki at dawn

Thomas & Grace (The Rats)

Apr 30, 2016

From The Old Album

That's how we were then living at the Mount with two kids, a big mortgage, a Skoda car and looking back it was a great time in our lives.
Me with Paul and Nana DiDi (Robyn's mum) at her house in Hamilton for Xmas lunch.

Apr 27, 2016

Grandad and J

So Grandad built the table with a cool opening top for J's birthday and then gave J his iPad to use on top of it....generous and well received!
Thanks Grandad....

Apr 25, 2016

J's Little Birthday. A Few Moments.

A few moments. More to come.
Sitting Bull with his goodies AND his cake
 One minute later....
 His pointing finger. Must have been a bird or plane

J loves music. This is with a boombox (turned up loud is good) and drum. Likes some of the oldies rock stuff.