Jul 1, 2015

Crusing Club

Downtown Auckland waterfront at Westhaven marina.

Goose Pimples

For us old buggers this is just uplifting.
Turn the sound up and view full screen.

Three Videos Three BIG Laughs

This is excellent keep watching as there are three little stories in this one short video.

Jun 30, 2015

City Skyline

 No the sky was not this colour but I wanted it to be...
If you are curious about the poster on the left hand spire as I was the picture below explains. This was in Australia. I think there is a message here.

Jun 28, 2015

Only Way To Go

I was lurking around the back streets and lanes of Melbourne late at night with my camera.
I got hooked up focusing on the graffiti. It comes to life in the dim light of the few street lights in the area. So I have lots of these type of shots to come. Some interesting characters were also lurking around. I got the feeling I was intruding...oh well!
Thats Rob under the frog/toad thing
 If you look close there is someone in the alcove, I think he lives there at night because he had lots of stuff in there as well. The shoes on the line?
Familiar Face

The New Zealand Flag

I am not a fan of changing our flag and all the proposed alternatives I have seen so far have done nothing to change my mind. Then in a recent flag design competition, Christchurch design student Denise Fung won the top prise with this work.
I really like it. Not sure if it changes my mind on the matter but if the consensus of New Zealanders is to change then this design has to be my first choice so far.

Jun 25, 2015

Down By The Yarra

To the left is Southbank. Great place for a meal and a few beers. really lovely at night. People in the bars and restaurants are really helpful. It seems to me that Kiwis' have not worn out their welcome here as I feel they may have in Brisbane and especially the GC. 
 Robyn heading across the bridge. Note the big bag full of her stuff. It was cool hense the puffer.
 Guess who? Thats downtown Melbourne behind me.

Jun 24, 2015

Peaks & Cairns

One of the cool things you see on the top of many hill climbs are Cairns of rocks that trampers have built.The tradition is to add a smaller rock than the previous one and if won't stay put then start a new one.
We added a pebble to this Cairn on one of the 'hills' around Queenstown. Clearly there were bigger challenges off in the distance we never got to on that day.

Jayden Update

Growing up

Jun 22, 2015


Curious about his dads phone hovering over his head!
Won't be long before he has his hands on that phone...