Apr 14, 2024


Lewis went to the Redwoods with mates
I finished this interesting puzzle I found online from New York city.
Tauranga harbour. Container ship docking
One on Robyn's plants. Looks unreal.
The Matua mudflats near sunset.


Mar 26, 2024

Beautiful Tauranga Harbour

Pilot Bay 

The Mount (Mauao)
Ships and boats, a harbour feature.

Not the harbour but from the top of Mauao for sunrise
Cloud patterns, never the same twice.

Another special sunrise

 White boats in the Sulphur Point Marina

Mar 25, 2024

Light Bugs

 Latest Jigsaw from New Your Puzzle Company

Somewhat challenging...

Mar 10, 2024

Weekend Stuff

We checked out Te Puna Quarry and did the long bush walk. Nice but steep.
Jay sees something unusual while Lewis gets an insect in his hair and goes crazy trying to remove it.
The kids like the old digger there.
No, not an old Aussie a machine.
A very unusual little dingy spotted in the harbour. Looks like its from a movie set.
Tauranga is changing slowly. The crane is at the new Tauranga city council site.
Relaxing after the Quarry walk. Jay found a knife.
Lewis is artistic and diligent about it.


Feb 25, 2024

Sunday Offer

 We've had an amazing summer here in Tauranga with relentless sunshine at times. This over the Matua mudflats.

I finished a challenging puzzle today. This one is of the cover of the New Yorker in 1952
I discovered that in the early 50's and 60's we had a commercial wine maker here in Tauranga. He was located in Maungatapu. These are two labels from his range of wines. I found the story in the Tauranga library historical collection of local history. Web site is this link 

Feb 19, 2024

The Lads Again. Jayden

The race (Jay right)

My world

Loves the ball
We had fun looking through all the old bits and pieces in the Antique shop. A real test for me "what's this pop?"


The Lads Again. Lewis

Lewis in Yellow. Can be crazy!
And likeable
With his brother and best mate.
Lewis, a real character
Very proud of his drawing to go with the Spider poem.

Feb 6, 2024

Historic Village Waitangi Day

 It was a really great vibe down  at the village today. Busy as. Lots to do, lots to eat and zero issues.

The boys had a good time thanks to all the people that made them welcome.

Lets start off with doughnuts
Spinning plates were a big hit.
Marble maze balance boards

Not easy as Jay demonstrates
Lewis too
Lewis with sock Poi
Jay got the hang of the juggling sticks
And the Hula hoop
Off the ground
Clever entertainers