Jan 31, 2013

Center Of New Zealand

A good short walk in Nelson is up to the Center of New Zealand.
That's Rob in black.
 Upward view
Concrete inset and actual survey pin

Early NZ Tourism Art

I have been reading this over my holiday. Some amazing old adverts and promos. More than that this captures the idealistic feel of old New Zealand as we would like to think it was. The so called good old days.
Notable are the ads for the Sunderland flying boats that flew 180 passengers on a weekly service between Auckland and Sydney and up into the Pacific. I can recall these landing in the Tauranga harbour when I was a kid.
An extract from one of these ads 1945 reads "Spacious interiors, meal service, smoking facilities  even your own personal table and ash tray, make this the modern way to travel"
SELLING the DREAM is a beautiful 408 page book published by craig potton publishing
 Several page copies

Love the one on Tauranga

A New Fad?

Spotted on the park. Is this something new?

Jan 30, 2013

Views From Kohi Track

Whakatane entrance to the harbour and beach, Whale Island and Kohi Pt to the right
 Around Kohi Pt looking toward Opotiki but with Ohopi in the foreground
 Ohopi. Settlement around first point on right.

Whale Island From Kohi Track

Out from Whakatane

Corner Shop

Raglan New Zealand

Jan 28, 2013

Grace & Nana In The Country


Blowing in sympathy....as you do

  Team performance review

Mt & Lake Tarawera

The northern end of the lake has great views of the mountain.
Mt Tarawera (1111m high) erupted violently on the 10th of June 1886 causing the death of at least 153 people and covered the surrounding landscape in mud and ash and in the process buried the village of Te Wairoa now known as the buried village
The photos are taken on the northern lake edge and show the private jetties, foreshore and mountain and a beach and house typical of the area.
Click on the first photo to see the series.

Cathedral Cove Coromandel New Zealand

The walk out to this cove is hard going for kids but otherwise it's well worth it.
Click on the first photo to see the series in larger format

Jan 27, 2013

Jan 24, 2013

Swallows. A family.

These guys move like lightning but I was lucky to catch some feeding. Click on top image to see series.