Jul 31, 2020

Recovered History

Many years ago I took a picture of my parents with their grandsons at the time. (more came along later)
I made a mistake with the settings and the picture came out totally black. My mistake.
However using my new scanner and an Adobe program, Lightroom, I managed to extract this image.

Jul 28, 2020

Covid Australia

What on earth is going on in Aussie?
Daily cases.

Not Seen Today

Our cycling club with a criterium around Tauranga city. (all streets closed!)
Great fun and scary when your pedal hits the road on every sharp corner and you are flying at over 40kph in a bunch of guys doing the same thing.
 Down Devonport Rd
 This is definitely not seen today but was ok in '89 when I took these shots

Jul 26, 2020

Unexpected Outcome

Water was dirty, not much going on so we would look for something like an Octopus to have some fun with. They are real characters. But his one wanted to play harder than usual.
 They are not easy to free yourself from if they jump you.
 By this time (I am behind the camera) I am nearly drowning from laughing so hard.
It's on my buddies back.
About now I had to go and assist as the mask was coming off next.

Various Oldies

Mt Wharf, late 80's
 Us, same era
 Young Rob in his BMX days. Check out the size of the chain ring!
 Off to school to eat his lunch!
Note treat in hand. 

Jul 21, 2020

Mum & Dad

Robyn on our wedding day with Mum and Dad
 Bit of a flush on after seeing their mates at the RSA
The old man had a slightly sick sense of humour which we loved when it surfaced.

Jul 20, 2020

Making A House A Home

I will never forget this. Taken in March '89 Coll was on the back foot finiancially and struggled to find a place to rent. An old dump came up in Pyes Pa road but it was unlined and neglected. Actually was going to be pulled down. Within a few weeks she had it sorted. Lined the studs with silver backed  building paper, had some gardens established and all were welcome.
Kids on the roof! (Bloody renters 😊)
 David, Paul, Rob

Jul 15, 2020

Then and Now

In the 80's we had a marine park called Leisure Island at Mt Maunganui
Locals will recognise the location
This is how it looks now. Beautiful.
We also had a sound shell for bands and events only a 2 minute walk from Leisure Island. And yes people were just as messy then as now.
That same area now. Beautiful

Jul 13, 2020

Grow Your Own

This is in Nelson circa mid 50's. Not that long after WW2 and dads return home not in good shape.
The house was (and still is) in Totara St and I lived there in my very young days. My parents built it from new but when dad ran out of work they moved to the country and sold this place.
Must have been gutting for them. But the interesting thing in this picture is the use of the front lawn.
Its a vege garden! That's dad on the front steps. They were very resourceful people.
The same house recently.
It was built from heart Rimu from the coast and not doubt will be there for another 50 years.

Still Horrible

                                              21% might be better but definately not there yet.

Back Then

For locals.
This was prior to Route P being constructed and the Mobil Mart service station being built.
This is looking from Chapel street toward the South East
Note slipway
 At the old Tauranga wharf and before the bridge was built, c mid 80s'
 Paul and Tamsin walk the Ruahihi penstock pipeline at the base of the Kaimai.

Jul 8, 2020

Unusual Beach Pattern

I took this during a quick flight around Tauranga some 35 years ago.
The photo got published as a result of a competition I entered at the time.
I had a call from a guy at Waikato University telling me this is a very unusual event and he had a name for it which I can't recall.
He wanted the negative to make a quality copy for presentations (I think he was a environmental scientist)
Despite hunting through my thousands of negatives I could not find it. So I sent him the large print I had made. Today I found the negative!

Covid Coming Back

Australia as of yesterday
Info from John Hopkins

Jul 7, 2020

Tauranga and Mount

 Mid 80's
Main beach Mt Mauganui
A surf event was on but no surf by the looks.
Social distancing in action...
Westpac Building Devonport Rd Tauranga mid 80's Originally Bay Savings Bank built in 1975 then renamed The Trusteebank building circa 1984 shown prior to it being glassed in. 
Soon to be demolished.
Original opening day 1975

Jul 6, 2020

Jul 3, 2020

Last Evening

Outside over the park
Meanwhile inside, Pop is being cleaned up by a rather smug little guy on a winning streak

Jul 2, 2020

Bikes For life

Little did Mum and Dad know what they started by getting me on to a bike
way back 65 years ago. Would have saved me a hell of a lot of hard work trying to get good at it.
Would not have missed it for the world.
And yes, I have migrated to the dark side (electric...)

Jul 1, 2020

B&W Again

Jay, in his early days he was an absolute ace on the soccer ball.
Today he came second in his first cross country (around the school grounds) race.
Go Jay, now 5 years young.
 Old boat shed hidden away on the Otumoetai waterfront in the 80's