Jun 29, 2014

Yes, Goal!

Meanwhile the other side get some counseling...

Out The Car Window

Flying past Mobil 
 Lone escaping burglar....

Kids Football

Some serious faces here.
Click on image for large version

Rabbit Island Mt Maunganui

Motuotau Island is a feature of the waterfront at the Mount. Good snorkeling and reasonable scuba diving spot. There are at least two "secret" reefs off Rabbit that are good for crays and other reef life.

Jun 28, 2014

Jun 26, 2014

Night Views Pilot Bay

The bright light in the rowing boat is a sounder. This guy was rowing his backside off trolling a line out the back meanwhile a large ship slips into the hardour escorted by the local tugs.
 Later on as it gets darker the water really lights up. But there was a mystery ripple in the water you can see it this side of the small boats. It went on for minutes! Spooky

Rio Thompson

Container ship entering Tauranga harbour off the main beach at the Mount after calling at Melbourne.
Right this minute it is now on the way to Panama at 19.5 knots and she just crossed the international date line at these GPS co-ordinates -37.3038 / -177.6174. How cool is that? The stuff you can find out now is scary!

Tauranga Harbour View

From Sulphur Point North

Jun 24, 2014

More Government Buildings

From the Parliamentary Library Balcony 
Another perspective. Very early morning

The Backbencher

Famous Wellington pub two minutes walk or 30 second run across the road from the Beehive.
Can't even dream of the deals and subterfuge that will have been worked out over a pint in this establishment,

Jun 23, 2014

At Parliament House

 One quiet Saturday morning in Wellington.
Spanning the gap
Building started on this lovely Edwardian structure in 1914. Well before this lot's grandparents were born.
An impressive building for good old NZ

Thomas & Pop

Jun 22, 2014

Turns Turning

White Fronted Turns' on an old wharf pile 

Tauranga Water Front

Old wharf and home for a couple of local fishing boats currently out fishing I presume 
 Remnants of old wharf structures 
Very old remnants of crockery embedded in the rocks in the same area 
 Tauranga harbour bridge in the background

Late Evening Kayak Pilot Bay

Rubber Duckies & Sailing Boats

On a cold grey day in June maybe the clubhouse is a better choice for the skippers of these three boats

Jun 21, 2014

Highlight Of The Morning

Roads light up around Tauranga this morning after a sun shower

Save The Maui Dolphins

Devonport Rd Tauranga city was blocked this morning with a large march of people demonstrating to save the Maui Dolphins. They claim we are down to the last 55 in existance. 
 On past the butchery!

 Faces within

Beehive Wellington

Do I see two bees escaping?
The Beehive was built between 1969 and '79 its 10 story structure is topped of with 20 tonne hand-welted copper roof. It also has a bomb proof mail room! Wonder who opens the mail?

Bowen House Wellington

22 Floor building built in 1991 and situated in Lambton Quay. Today it houses MPs and Parliamentary support staff. 

Jun 17, 2014


This is Bernie. He hangs out outside Bernie's On the Bay Cafe in Welington.
Seems to be known by the locals. He is a Bernese Mountain dog.
Not another photo, please
  If I look away will you go away
Darn it!

Wellington Waterfront 2

Looking back to the city. Love those sphere lights
 Plenty of parking here!
The yellow building on the left is one of the oldest buildings on the wharf. It was the Ferry building but now houses the Police maritime and dive units.

Jun 16, 2014

More Birthday

The big 60 celebration has rolled on for quite some time now.
Anyway last week, knock knock on the door and to Robyns amazement in rolled a flaming 60 candle surprise.
Sarah had baked up the cakes and Rob no doubt lit the fire
 Sucking in a big lung full. Needs to be quick the heat could melt steel!
 Eating the "vegan" muffins. Nice (seriously!) 

Jun 15, 2014

Wellington Water Front

Early morning just before sunrise
This is the Kumutoto Bridge designed by BECA to look like a crane
Concrete Kina
Nga Kina Sculpture
Looking back into the city

Jun 12, 2014

Our Beautiful Backyard

NZ is a land of fences that usually are intrusive in landscape scenes. But it seemed to work in these. Taken from of my favorite spots on Mauao (Mt Maunganui)