Jul 24, 2011

Winter Fields.

Matamata side of the Kaimai Range.
Right near sunset.

The Cloud. Rugby World Cup. Auckland

The Cloud, costing $9.8 million, will be used for concerts and festival events and as a fan zone during RWC matches. The mezzanine space at the harbour end will be used as an international media lounge and for vip hosting.

Sea Birds

Jul 7, 2011

Old British Comics

Quality is not that flash in these pictures taken from a Google image search. Many of these will be easily recognised by people in their 50's and 60's as they were part of our youth here in New Zealand.
There is something about comic art that appeals, well to me at least. They reflect the trends of the time and often predict those of the future. Check out the title on the bottom Marvelman "Young Nastyman" Could not see that firing up the kids of today!

Jul 5, 2011

Visiting Robyn's Mum & Dad

We cleaned up the headstones and took some time to think about the kids great grand parents.
Thomas and Grace left a lovely night light and potted flowers on the graves.
It was a proud day for Rob to have so many of the family all the way across to Hamilton for the annual clean up.
While we were there we also cleaned up all the other rellies graves and there were plenty!

Tauranga Container Wharf. Ship loaded and Departing

Sugar Mustaches