Aug 31, 2020

70's TV

 The Phillips K9 TV

This was state of the art. You had to get off your backside and walk up to the TV to change the channel or adjust the volume. Can you imagine that nowadays with 60 Channel's and nothing you like? We love our remote control.

Looks like we were in the middle of stripping the wallpaper.

Aug 30, 2020

Then and Now

Circa 1982
Hewlett's Road Mt Maunganui
Prior to the harbour bridge joining the Mount to Tauranga.
This is a drag race plus burn out....



Aug 29, 2020

Then and Now

 Faulkners Store on the corner of 11th Avenue and Cameron Rd Tauranga. Locals knew this as Faulkner's corner as I do to this day!

I remember this building well from my younger days. The historical picture was taken in the 1920's and the building was not pulled down until the early 80's

2020 same spot. Amazing.

Aug 28, 2020

Focused Learner & Role Model

 Jay gets an award in front of the entire Matua Primary assembly. We are very proud and hope its the first of many.

Aug 27, 2020

2020-1883 The Strand Tauranga



This old tree can still be seen buried in the large Mangrove swamp between Tauranga and Te Maunga 
You can just see the first Mangrove growing under it. 


Aug 25, 2020

The Boys

 Paul and Rob (Middle back and bottom left) with Ken's boys (cousins)
Brad, Shaun and Daniel.
Paul circa '85 on the Mount

Wedding Circa 1984

 Tuma and Gidge

My oldest sister gets married in Nelson. I found these pictures in my old collection. It was a beautiful low key celebration. Their boy Luke, seen in one of the pictures, went on to become well known in the music scene. Luke

Aug 22, 2020

Jay Growing Up


The 200 ft Dive I Will Never Forget

We broke the rules and luckily came through.
This was a dive at the Poor Knights down a drop off called the Canyon.
We planned well had spare tanks at 40 ft and 10ft for the decompression stage of the dive.
We went to see the black coral and found it. The pictures don't show how it was and as my flash housing imploded with the pressure I only managed a few shots before loosing it.
The white trees in the pictures is in fact black coral. What a buzz.
The bottom time was short at 10 minutes but it took a hell of a lot of time to come back up. I recall it may have taken 40 minutes or longer.
We all carried back up regulators.We were on air while today to scuba dive to these depths they use mixed gasses.
Read this article.

At this depth the light is low and the colours are grey. The bottom is more sparcely populated



This guys something else 


Aug 20, 2020

Cream Can Tauranga

On the corner of Cameron Rd and 1st Avenue West this was a big event when it popped up in the early 80's
If I recall later it turned into a pancake shop and even later was relocated to the Mount.
Talking about Ice Cream (are we?)
I found this amazing history of ice cream brands in New Zealand.
So I wanted to share it here. Ice Cream Brands

Beach in the Bedford

Mount beach visit in the 80's


Aug 18, 2020

Uncle Jack

 My mum's sister, Una's husband. He was a real character and kind of famous in our family. Embarrassing and shameless at times, but a solid bloke. He made a visit to Tauranga around 1984 (that was a big deal) and stayed at out place at the Mount. Of course I took some pictures. I think these are the only shots of Jack (Real name, Rupert John) are unique in regard to having our family in the scene.

Jack (Ears and black framed glasses😀) with Paul, Robert and Robyn.

With me
With Coll
With David
With Ken (bottom left) and his boys and our boys with Robyn.
Note the Lion Brown and that fag....

Aug 17, 2020

Various Local

Giants in the mist
Sunset from top of Mauao
Finding waves
Dusk harbour side Mt Maunganui

Then and Now. Sulphur Point

Sanford. Early 80's. See the reclamation just starting.
The fishing vessel on the right now lies broken up on Tuhua reef out at Mayor island.
I dived on it not long after it sunk. My guess is that it is totally gone by now.
Sanford built a modern plant after this and recently it was announced that it would be shut down and the staff made redundant.
Since then an additional crane added as well


Aug 16, 2020

Then and Now

Corner Spring Street and Devonport Rd
2020 Now called the Red Square
Corner Spring Street and Durham Street
The Strand 2020

The Strand 1910