Mar 31, 2019

Old Steel

Tauranga Uncovered

On the corner of Willow and Spring Streets Tauranga.
This old building was constructed in 1925 by Tauranga builder Karl Johanson and apparently was one of several buldings of similar construction around town at that time.
It was a shock to see this old building reappear from behind recently removed cladding.
For many years after 1935 it was called the Bagley's Building. Bagley were drapers.
In the link that follows there is a lot of very interesting info and pictures from Tauranga's days past.
Most of the pictures show streets and buildings I remember well.
Worth a look.

Mar 17, 2019

Grace. A Decade Plus

September 2007
January 2019
I can hardly believe all those years have flashed by. Always such a cool kid.
I used to carry her around on my shoulders and now she looks down on them, so tall.

Mar 11, 2019

Look Around Town

The white wrap has been removed and this is the big reveal.
Downtown Tauranga on the Red Square
 It's different, not sure what it is exactly. Looks like a very expensive facade. 

 Jay tackles a big tree in the old cemetery near Sulphur Point
 Not that happy with me taking pictures
Under the Tauranga harbour road bridge. Lots of graffitti and hide away alcoves well set up for people living the street life. Frankly a very grubby area and getting worse by the day.

Mar 10, 2019

Shopping Sydney

Queen Victoria Building
A great place to get off the streets and be amazed at the architecture and bright lights of modern shops in a grand old histroical building.

Mar 3, 2019

Grace 13 Today

 Breakfast this morning
G front right with the family
Grace with dad. She was 16 days old.

Sparky Frankenstine

This is the central character from the movie Frankenweenie
I think I have watched it with my grandson, Jay, about 10 times!
He loves this dog and its a very clever movie

Holy Trinity Cathedral Parnell 2

An opportunity came up during a recent business trip.
I nipped in with my iPhone and took a look around.
Very impressive and worth a look.

There is a Tauranga connectio with this carving