Sep 30, 2013

Black Out And Shoe Shock!

Darn it. Power goes off just as we are thinking about dinner.
So decision is made, let's eat in town.
Heading there the culprit is seen in "shocking" pink.
So into town and to Takara Japanese restaurant (really nice) But there's more 
Later this scene as repairs continue
 But shock horror just as we arrived in town and I stepped out of the car I was confronted by this!
Yeah you got it. Fumbling around in the wardrobe in the dark and this is what resulted.

Sep 29, 2013

Pixelated Sky Tower

Not the first picture of the Auckland Sky Tower. But I keep seeing new aspects.


Probably my favorite song.
ONE U2 Achtung Baby
Most meaningful extract

One life
With each other

One life
But we're not the same
We get to carry each other
Carry each other

Sep 27, 2013

Green Perfection

Walking in the bush these two perfect specimens stood out from the usual debris on the forest floor.
And up close, still perfection.

Dog With A Bone

Well almost a bone.
Bailey with his first birthday present.

Sep 26, 2013

Last Race Lost

The American team won the America's cup today after NZ had held match point (only needing one more point to win) for a couple of weeks of racing. Gutting for us. Positives to me are
  • A united New Zealand. We shared a common goal that most people took to heart with a passion. 
  • The small guy is more than capable of taking on the giant with the right people out front.
  • Oracle proved to the world that a don't give up attitude backed by smart people and intelligent engineering can totally reverse seemingly impossible odds. 
  • A lesson learnt. If it ain't working stop and see what can be done to fix it before charging on regardless.
  • Brand NZ just had a massive exposure as a top marine designer, constructor and competitor 

And The Winner Is......

Top left. Liberty Brewing Co's Brown Town India Brown Ale.
Actually tastes like you think a dark beer should taste like but seldom does.
Father's day special beers from my boys. Finally nailed and enjoyed.
Thanks guys love trialing our amazing variety of boutique beers we have in NZ these days.

Sunset Over Matakana Island

Sep 25, 2013

Stunned Mullets

New Zealand is holding it's collective breath over the yacht race of the century. The next race in the Americas cup challenge is the decider. Team Emirates New Zealand have been on match point for the last 8 races against defender Oracle USA (Aussie skipper) and we should have bagged it days ago. Oracle came from negative 2 points (penalty) behind right from the start and we led for eight races (8 points). They have come from this seemingly hopeless situation to win 10 races to our 8! We are now head to head.
The nation is stunned and exhausted from the stress. We all want it over and we all want the boys to bring home the bacon.
Can he do it? Dean Barker, Skipper
 With some of the team
Oracle. A breathtaking come back
 NZ with San Francisco in the background 
  Golden Gate bridge backdrop

Sep 23, 2013

Sep 22, 2013


This kid has got what it takes.

America's Cup Anguish

Another day and no NZ result! We need one race win to take the cup but it is proving extremely elusive.
This shot was from Saturday's race which was won by Oracle.
Today the race was cancelled because the wind was not blowing from the right quarter.
People in NZ are simply worn out with the anticipation and edge of the seat PAIN we are all experiencing right now.
Go NZ for Monday.

Sep 20, 2013

Old Fergy

Iconic New Zealand tractor. The Ferguson.
This old girl has a few teeth missing from her face.
 But not one screw loose!

Sep 19, 2013

Random Shapes

Sitting in the foyer of the Novotel Auckland waiting for my guest to arrive I could not resist looking around for some abstract shapes to point the phone camera at.


America's Cup yacht racing in San Francisco is so riveting the whole country is locked to their screens and phones for a couple of hours each morning.
High tech cats are showing the world the power of the wind as these boats are reaching speeds of 70 kph as they scorch along elevated above the waves on their knife like foils.
This David & Goliath race between team Oracle (USA) and team Emirates New Zealand now hangs on one race for NZ to take the cup back down under. We are all holding our breath for tomorrow morning.

Grace With Her Dad

Paul with his little girl

Good Advice

Sign outside Mount police station

Sep 15, 2013

Thomas, Rob, Grace

The kids with windswept Nana 

Kids At The Farm

I love this shot of the kids taken by my "young" sister at her family farm.

History Of New Zealand?

I took this shot with my phone in the Koru lounge at Auckland airport. I have no idea what it's meant to be about but my guess is that this depicts New Zealand history (since the colonisation)
Or is the the dilution of Maori culture?
Either way very cool in my view.

Sep 9, 2013

Sep 8, 2013

America's Cup Race 1

NZ crossing the finish line NZ over 30 sec ahead of Oracle
Big crowd onshore 
 Team USA 
Team NZ
 Team NZ. Fingers crossed next race in 15 minutes
Stern or Oracle with Team NZ ahead out to the right and Golden Gate ahead

Sep 5, 2013

Beautiful Native

Large Pohutukawa tree on the western slopes of Mauao (The Mount).
New Zealand

Red Chairs

nuffield st CAFE New Market Auckland
Good coffee & breakfast

Sep 4, 2013

Pacific Ocean/Tauranga Harbour

With the Mt Maunganui township, wharfs' and industrial zone between.
Click for larger view