Dec 27, 2016

More Christmas

A beautiful Christmas table at Grace and Thomas's
They kick right into ripping paper.
 The rats at the ready
 So you know the old trick. Let's agree not to buy anything for each other.
But on the day......

 At Jay's place now.
Grandma and Jay

 Dad watches Jay give out presents. A real Santa
 Mum, Nana and Aunty Jenny are Santa's little helpers
 Jay kicks his new ball (actually threw it right at me...)
 I wanted to ride this baby. A real machine that is electric powered.
Lucky kid.
 Dad assembling the balance bike. No instructions needed....
 Grand dad and Nana inspect the new play equipment
All in all a great day. We are so lucky.

Dec 26, 2016

Ovation Of The Seas

She glides silently across the harbour early this morning.
Hundreds of people were up to brave the cool breeze to watch the largest passenger ship ever to visit. In fact its one of the largest in the world today.
Built in Germany and launched in April 2016. This is a monster by any standards.

Dec 25, 2016

Santa J

Lots more to come.

Jay Visits His Great Grandparents

 What a nice way to start Christmas. Rob brings Jay around and we go to BP for coffee then up to the cemetery to see my parents (Robs grand parents and Jay's G Grandparents).
They brought some beautiful flowers and we stood around in the early morning sun and chatted about them. This was Jay's first visit.
So four generations together.

Dec 23, 2016


A work mate brought in an old book from his mother. It contained lots of stunning etching prints.
The book was published in 1880. I could not resist taking my phone out and capturing a couple of them for the blog.

Dec 22, 2016

Up The Mount (Mauao)_

So after a little over eating last night (that's Xmas) I headed off to the Mount well before sunrise to work my guilt out on the 700ft climb.
It was warm and humid and busy!
So lovely and calm.

 On the way back down the sun was slowly rising above the cloud layer on the Eastern horizon

Dec 10, 2016

Mount Walk

Always lots to see.
Looking North toward mayor Island (Tuhua)
 Can't get in....
 In the entrance on the harbour side. A really nice beach for the kids.
 Old driftwood log
 My buddy J

Dec 8, 2016

Thomas Nine Years Young

We had a nice little party at home for Thomas last night.
Happy birthday mate...