Jan 31, 2015

Golf Today

We played golf in the clouds today. this shot on the second hole.
Mist and rain up at Summerhill Country Club. (Summer?)

 Our "Nana" carts sit and wait while we hunt for our lost balls. Many of those today.

Jan 29, 2015

Nelson Murals

Just two examples of street murals around Nelson city. Awesome.

Kirkpatrick's Nelson

This company was a processing and canning plant in Nelson.
I can still smell the place today.
We would know if it was Jam or things like Peas being processed by just standing out side.
To me it was an amazing place filled with thumping noisy equipment.
My mum (prior to leaving Nelson) and my aunty worked at "Kirk's" for years. We had great company social club Xmas parties each year when we visited my aunty and uncle in Nelson.
This ad from the early days 1914 to 1918 in the Nelson Evening mail.

Huka Falls The Waikato River

Just north of Taupo Huka Falls is worth a visit.
The story
 Take a walk in the bush to Spa Rd, up stream of the falls, and the river comes into its own.
The clarity and colour are beautiful.
 Tucked away on the west side of the river is the exclusive Huka Lodge.
This is about as close as I will ever get to seeing it. The gardens are manicured and the lawns are like the best golf course you can imagine.
Huka Jet. Thrills for the tourists at the foot of the falls.

Jan 28, 2015

Click or Run?

So this little guy was coming at me full speed, at the last second he took a left turn and stopped and looked back as if to say 'hows that?"

Jan 26, 2015

Piha. This Place Rocks

Some really big rocks in fact!
More on this later.
North Piha from as far up Lion Rock as we could climb
Lion Rock and beach
 Robyn waiting for that famous Piha rescue 
And here it comes she's in luck!

Jan 25, 2015

Summerhill Golf

This 9 hole golf course set way up in the Papamoa hills, via Reid Rd has to be seen and played to be believed. It's a green fees only, private course and open to the public.
This hole is lined by Chestnut trees.
(iPhone pictures)
 A wider perspective to show the hilly and undulating nature of the fairways.
 The 9th hole green. At the top of the world. Nice and very challenging physically and for your game. Actually just worth a walk around even without the golf bit.
Close up with the Mount buildings way in the background. This is definitely summer. In singlet and putting out before 10am.

Jan 24, 2015

Drummers. Some Of The Best

Sandy Nelson was one of the best known rock drummers from the early 60's. One of his early solos, Let There Be Drums is still a benchmark to this day for up and coming drummers to come to grips with.
This video was taken live in 1999 when Nelson was 61 years old. Not bad aye.
You need to give it a few moments to get rolling.

And from a later time Phil Colins And Gordo in Sydney....wow!


No not the Adobe software but the ceiling of the Macs Bar on Wellington waterfront.
iPhone picture

26 Million Views!

Another big hit from the 60's

1960 A Massive Hit

Gerry and the Pacemakers

Another old classic. This show from the year I started work!

Jan 21, 2015

Del Shannon

Love this guy from the early 60's
A real legend. Check out the dancing. I did this stuff!! We all did.......

Jan 20, 2015

Shops From Our Youth

I may not be alone when I recall shops from when we were kids. The place you rushed off to when you were lucky to have a shilling more or less to blow on whatever you liked. I can still remember the smells of those shops. Remember the cold milk shakes in the fluted metal containers? The smell of liquorice and aniseed balls?
The Kandy Korner in Nelson is one of those shops from my young days that remains almost untouched for 60 years.
This is what it was like a couple of weeks back.

Guess who

Nelson. We Visit The Graves

Our usual pilgrimage to see family past.
Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, Antonio & Filistea  My Mothers mums side.
 Grandfather and his mother (Great Grandmother) my Mothers fathers side.
 Aunty Nancy (Fathers sister) killed in a car crash in 1940.  And Violet, my fathers mum (My Grandmother)

Jan 17, 2015

Nelson Street Stuff

The Doors....!
 No Piano Man

A great coffee place, nice people.
The size of the bill each night!
Pipe sculpture with Nelson Post Office (looks like a prison) in the background.
 Bike stand. Very well used.....

Jan 13, 2015

Horse & Selfie

So we are 400 meters up in the hills (sweating in the heat) and here is a horse paddock! One of the animals takes a liking to Robyn and I being there so I took a selfie then showed her (a female) the result and she eyed it closely.
Wonder if it registered.
Nice encounter.

Jan 4, 2015

Holidays & Cafe Burn Out

Its been a great holiday with weather like I remember as a kid.
But we never had cafe's or many shops for that matter back then so I am wondering what the hell we did when we we had done the outdoor thing and it was lunch time? Oh thats right, we had picnics complete with flies and sand. Make mine a double shot please.

Baby Kingfisher

This guy was really working on trying to fly.
Click on the first photo, then keep clicking on the photo to scroll through.

 Mum help....