Nov 30, 2013

The Rats Up The River

Grace climbing
 Thomas celebrating his first swim over the deep hole

Nov 29, 2013

A Secret Spot

Grace and I went exploring and found this beautiful place. We had lunch there and enjoyed the peace and quiet for about, ah, 5 minutes!

Shall I Go Now?

Nov 25, 2013


A different view of Mt Maunganui waterfront and main beach. And Mauao the small mountain that people love to climb for their daily work out.

Nov 22, 2013

My Next House

Retirement special, low maintenance, one room does all.....
(From Arrowtown Chinese settlement)

Nov 17, 2013

Nov 16, 2013

Bridge Jump

With a very cool back flip
McLaren Falls
Set video to HD (pause then with the little wheel icon bottom right set to HD) and play full screen.

McLaren Falls Bridge Over Wairoa River

Old power station in green

Nov 14, 2013

Grace Race

Getting organised
 On the line. Grace far right
They are off in fine style

 Half way down brain fade and looking around!
Got second...wonder why?
But they had fun.

Nov 11, 2013

Nov 9, 2013


Remember how good cool water (or even warm hose water) tasted when you were a thirsty kid?

Luca & Co

My buddy from Genoa Italy at the Miami Boat Show.
Why is he so happy?

Nov 8, 2013

Pool Upgrade

The old pool about to be downsized. Many great memories from the nights and days in the backyard enjoying the hot water bore with family and friends from around the world not to mention the grand kids over 20 plus years.
 New beginnings.
A smaller version in progress.

Robert Galbraith AKA JK Rowling

We have this on audio books. Great story well worth a read or listen.

Nov 7, 2013

Natures Colour Harmony

Pink, yellow and green. Sounds ghastly but nature has a way of making even outlandish colour combinations work beautifully. 

Nov 6, 2013

Swastika Logo On Ships Anchor

Recently I had the good fortune to be invited out for a short trip on the 1930's steam tug Willian C Daldy on Auckland harbour
The first thing that struck me was the white anchor and especially the Swastika Logo molded into one of the flutes.
I did a little research and discovered that this symbol/Logo was a good luck symbol in India well before it became one used extensively by the Nazis in the world wars.
In fact in this case it was the symbol used by the anchor manufacturer WL Byrers & Co Ltd of Sunderland England. You learn stuff like this every day of your that.
See link below

Mount Beach

Small swell coming in this evening at the beach, oh and a special cloud!

With A View

One of the nicer places in the world to sit and absorb the view. Summit of Mauao Tauranga New Zealand

The Edge

Green leaf edge and opposite shadow

Nov 4, 2013


Container ship departing Tauranga for places unknown.
Pilot boat alongside till open water. 
Taken from north side of Mauao on a grey October day.

The Kids

 Look what arrived in my inbox today.
Hamming it up a tad
And Thomas (TARZAN) Taken on their south island holiday I suspect

A Beautiful Spot

McLaren Falls Park Tauranga

Nov 3, 2013

Getting Answers

After a guy fell into the harbour and had to be fished out barely alive all the local Aussie officials were trying to figure out what the hell happened