Nov 27, 2019

Lettuce Pray It Goes Away

It's back.
Good old sea lettuce. It is natural and native but it is slippery, stinky and very ugly on the waterfront.
These contractors are doing a great job of cleaning most of it up (for now) around Matua harbour beach.
I think there is a process to convert this muck into fertiliser. 

Nov 17, 2019

M&M Rainbow

Jay and I had some adventures on the weekend. Climbing then running all the way down Mt Dury at the Mount, eating ice cream on the beach side, spending a couple of hours rock pool exploring and hunting for obsidian.
But today, Sunday, he kept telling me about a rainbow experiment with M&M's
I could not grasp the concept but we set it up to his directions and this is what came out!
Wow is was impressed.

Nov 3, 2019

Love My New Bean Bag

Never thought we would go back to these after throwing out the ones we owned in the early 80's.
Gins not bad either..