Mar 26, 2020

Lockdown 1

Nelson 2009/10
The John O'Sullivan arrived in Nelson in 1841 on the Will Watch
The list shows labourer but other records show surveyor. My guess is labourer. Thats us all over.
 Name third from the bottom.

The passenger list below is from the Lloyds, another ship that arrived in Nelson in 1842 bringing Ellen, Johns wife, and their 4 children. Note while the names on the plaque are O'Sullivan the original list had Sullivan on it.
Our family descended from Timothy even though we did not sponsor him for the cost of the plaque. We sponsored Michael who does not have any remaining family.

 Rob at Mapua wharf
 Rob on our usual hill clime up the Grampians in Nelson
 Looking back from the Grampians. The far point is the Glenn. See below.
 This is 'The Glenn' or Glenduan. A small settlement where we used to live when I was 4 years old.
The insert is the original little cottage that's still there.
Robyn shopping in Takaka. Check out the mirror

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