Mar 30, 2020

Lockdown 5

This is Una.
Mums sister and my Aunt. Husband was Uncle Jack. She was an amazing and outrageous person.
Never had kids, had big dogs named Shot and Spot and extremely generous to us kids, nothing was too much.
At 6ft tall, in those days, she stood out above the crowd.
Una was a forewomen at a food processing and canning company in Nelson called S Kirkpatricks & Co
The picture of the building below is welded in my memory just as it is.
Each Xmas holidays we would fly from Tauranga to Nelson (They paid) and we would stay with Una and Jack for a few weeks. Part of that was the Kirks kids Xmas party in a hall across the road from that building. Great times. Often we would wait for Una to finish work (outside that building) and walk home with her, about a 5 minute walk. All the time hoping she would suggest stopping for a  bag of fries from Pete's fish and chip shop or some other treat. She never let us down.
But wait, Curried Rabbit!
Hope we never got that....

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