Jan 24, 2018

Castle Point Again

Last week the NZ Herald announced the best beach in NZ as voted by their readers.
Yes, Castle Point!
The day we were there was wet and overcast some of the time. But it is a very special place.
 Almost from the 60's
Serious trailer boats
 A grey day to start with.
 The main beach
 23 meters high, built in 1913 and was fully automated in 1988.
 Could not resist this angle shot.
 Overall perspective.
Note the lagoon by the shark fin shaped rock. This is very accessible except at high tide.
Beautiful clean sand, not sea lettuce! A great place to swim.
Fossil shells everywhere and very unusual rock formations
Fossils in the rocks

 So rugged
 The lagoon. Note the vehicles.
 It is dangerous.! So of course we went to see it! (As you do...)
 Sure enough we were not alone.
And yes the occasional wave splashed over the rocks even at this height and on a calm day.

 Also almost from the 60's. It all seems to work..

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