Oct 29, 2016

Mary Ann

Another gem.
Further to the post about Timothy, my great grandfather, we now have this picture of his wife (actually 2nd wife) who is my great grandmother on my fathers side.
Mary Ann Curry and Timothy O'Sullivan married in 1881 and had 10 children (9 girls and Frank my grandfather).
Mary Ann was a small child (as you can see!) Early in her life she entered the Sisters of Mercy convent as a novice nun but left after 1 year as she never had the vocation for it.
Her family was by tradition an army family and John Curry her father served in the 65th regiment of foot and saw service in the NZ Wars (Known then as the maori wars). The regiment saw more action than any others and was know as the Bengal Tigers  as a result of the long association with India.
It has been recorded that Mary Ann was an outgoing person and a practical joker who loved meeting people (and making babies...it seems)
Born in 1860 and died in June 1924
Thanks to the Marshall family for this information and picture.

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  1. Hello. Very interesting to see this. I'm descended from Hugh Curry (my great great grandfather) who was the brother of John Curry and also in the 65th Regiment. Would be very interesting to get in touch. I have a few photos and some info about some of the Curry's and an always keen to learn more and see new photos. Would be great to hear from you. Regards, Brent Tandy tandy.brent at gmail.com