Oct 25, 2016

Why Old Men Should Not Play With Kids!

So we had the grandees around for a nice afternoon of games on the park and fun in the pool.
Sprinting races were organised by G and I could not resist it.
We set up the finishing line by placing a football at the spot.
Thomas called the start and G (10 years old) and me (six almost seven times here senior) were off.
I gave it my best shot and when I got to the ball (I think we were equal) I gave it a kick at full pace which I instantly regretted as in a total blur my head hit the deck (damn those useless feet).
This is the result for the record.
Ok just a big weeping bump immediately after ...
 24 hours later and no sleep I am reminded of the limits old age brings with it even when you think you are not old just 'middle age'. Oh well, lesson learned for now at least.

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