Sep 25, 2013

Stunned Mullets

New Zealand is holding it's collective breath over the yacht race of the century. The next race in the Americas cup challenge is the decider. Team Emirates New Zealand have been on match point for the last 8 races against defender Oracle USA (Aussie skipper) and we should have bagged it days ago. Oracle came from negative 2 points (penalty) behind right from the start and we led for eight races (8 points). They have come from this seemingly hopeless situation to win 10 races to our 8! We are now head to head.
The nation is stunned and exhausted from the stress. We all want it over and we all want the boys to bring home the bacon.
Can he do it? Dean Barker, Skipper
 With some of the team
Oracle. A breathtaking come back
 NZ with San Francisco in the background 
  Golden Gate bridge backdrop

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