Feb 8, 2013


At the top of the South Island close to the Abel Tasman National Park is the township of Takaka. This is a great place to have a coffee and look around the specialty craft shops. However this time we passed right through and headed North East to the Tarakohe area right out on the coast. This is a beautiful spot with a large camping ground and plenty of exploring to be had.
Tarakohe cement plant looking like something from Weta studios. This plant was commissioned in 1908 and ran continuously right up to 1988 when Golden Bay Cement company closed it down. I was about to have a good nose around only to be confronted by a security guy. I think he was happy to have some action.
This link takes you back to when the plant was running
This link to more background
Further along the coast is Limestone Bay and there is the old wharf and a new small marina. To the left is the quarry area.
Then we headed inland for a good walk to Wainui falls. This is in the National park and you wind your way up the riverbed track to the falls.
Rob finding her way through

The falls are lovely and worth the hike in. The water is freezing but people (kids mostly) were swimming not that you can see them..
Its a popular walk.

The map explains the area. Click map for larger view of the entire area.
View Larger Topographic Map

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