Jan 28, 2012

Orokawa Bay

Allow two hours minimum if you want to walk to this isolated beach from Waihi beach. This will be enough time to get there take a look around and get back. Of course if you have time take a book and lunch and spend as much time as you can. Its beautiful and quiet.
However the day we went as the bay came into view there smack in the middle of the stunning white sand beach was a breached container of timber washed up from the wreck of the Rena. I am sure this will be cleaned up soon. Meanwhile it was interesting to look closely at the damage and see the power of the sea which had busted the container open and even taken the entire heavy steel end right off!
Click on the top pic and the others should open as well.
Looking back east at the Mount
click on the top image and the others should become available as a strip.
 Orokawa Bay comes into sight (see the red spec on the beach)
 A closer look
 The contents and torn steel!

 From the beach. Thats Mayor Island on the blue horizon.
 Large rock formations and oh, that looks like Rob again.

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