Jan 28, 2012

James Reed Again (G, G Grandfather)

This is an extract from the familytreecircles web site. Note it comfirms again that he was not born a Reed.
See this LINK
here is an extract meanwhile
James REED(adopted name) was born Maurice Philippe de MONTBOISSIER 
BEAUFORT de CANILLAC on the 28th October 1792 in Hampstead, Middlesex, England. 
The following record was found in a REED family Bible "Maurice Philippe de MONTBOISSIER BEAUFORT de CANILLAC born at Hampstead London 28th October 1792, son of Comte Maurice Philippe de MONTBOISSIER BEAUFORT de CANILLAC, baptised in the Catholic faith." 
His birth record is found in the HERALDS COLLEGE REGISTER 1793[#115 - last entry]; registered by exiled French Aristocrat Maurice Philippe de MONTBOISSIER BEAUFORT de CANILLAC: "I certify that my first child Maurice Phillippe [sic] de MONTBOISSIER BEAUFORT de CANILLAC was born at Hampstead in the County of Middlesex on the twenty eighth day of October last and baptized the 30th of the same month by *Phillippe Francoise D'ALBIGNAC de Castlenau, Bishop of Angouleme (now residing at Richmond in Surrey) who like myself was compelled to quit France by a Decree of the Legislative Assembly of that country." 

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