Jan 12, 2011

Family History Update (O'Sullivan side)

We have located the grave site of John O'Sullivan (Sullivan) my GG Grandfather. It is at Wakapuaka cemetery in Nelson and very close to the Reeds' and Wets'. It is plot 51 in block 5 (Red section). See this link for the map.
History background of John O'Sullivan (32) is that he traveled alone as an married labourer from England (formerly from Ireland) to New Zealand on the ship Will Watch that arrived in Nelson in November 1841. This was the first ship of early settlers sent out by The New Zealand Company in England. John was followed later by his wife Ellen (29) and their 4 children who came out on the ship Lloyds in 1842. One of the children was Timothy (1) my G Grandfather. The Lloyds voyage was a disaster and many people died and this is documented for anyone interested.
In this picture John (to the best of my knowledge and I need to check next visit) is located in the unmarked grass area just to the right of center. He died in 1888 aged 68.

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