Jan 13, 2011

Day 22 Plant Based Diet

Robyn and I are starting to love this diet!
Medically I have no way of saying how things (LDL etc are really) progressing as I won't have any tests for another few weeks. But here are a few observations so far.
Diet (Just to remind us) = No Meat, Fish, Chicken or anything with a mother or a face! Also no oils, fats, nuts including Avocados. (We have decided to continue with fish oil)
So with this in mind we are forging on doing our best to eat well and frankly its not that hard. Our books have arrived from the states so we have a bunch of recipes now which is fantastic. But eating out is a challenge and I know that despite careful selection from the menu that when we eat out we will be getting some oil so eating out will not be a frequent event now.
On to the observations.
I feel a lot better!
My resting pulse rate has never been so low in my life (46) best ever was 49.
My blood pressure has dropped and I am measuring it daily to get some good data.
I rode my bike around the course that I could not manage once without pain a few weeks back. I rode it 3 times! A little pain on the first lap but otherwise it was good.
So something is happening. I can still do my weights workout and have the same strength.
My weight has dropped over 3kgs.
My taste has changed to like cleaner tasting foods.
It's early days and we must not get too excited as who knows where this will go. But we are optimistic.
Robyn has reported a number of improvements and her weight is dropping now as well.
We plan to talk to a dietitian just to be sure we don't ruin our basic health. We are also supplementing with Vitamin B12, B Complex, Folic acid as these can be a concern with plant based diets.
Will keep you posted.

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