Jun 29, 2024

Bikes Over The Years

 When you have been on your bike for years you get to own a lot of them. Sometimes 3 at once!

Some of my favourites.

Colnago C40 (Made in Italy) 

Specialized Stumpjumper MTB
American designed, built in Taiwan
A Giant Cadex 920. Aluminium lugs and carbon fibre tubing. One to the worlds early, if not the first, carbon fibre bikes. I use it for time trials. 1980's
This my Colnago C40 frame just arrived from New York. Starting the long job of assembly and fine tuning.
The finished article. In yellow trim.
Later I owned a Colnago C50 full, carbon hand made, with all the latest Italian Campagnolo gear. Beautifully made with  12 speed set up. It's still hanging up in my workroom. Best machine ever.
A Pro-Flex MTB. My first dual suspension mountain bike. designed in USA.
Always on the work stand.
Road dirt. Sometimes worse than in the forest.
Our Tauranga Road Cycling club jersey.
My old Advanti road bike on the trainer. I spent a lot of time on this bike on the road and on the trainer. In the rain, was a change from in front of the cooling fan inside. Sooo boring and sooo hard at times.
My Klein. American designed and made. I loved this bike despite it being very hard on ones butt.
I remember coming back from a 200km training ride over the Kaimai to Rotorua and back and could not sit down properly for days.
My beautiful aluminium Serotta. USA made. I imported it from New York. And set it up with new Spinergy aero carbon fibre wheels and with the aero bars it was a flying machine. The story I remember clearly about this set up was a seagull flew through my front wheel!
Trek MTB a very light and nimble dual suspension machine. It is still in the family.
Specialised Levo Comp Electric MTB. This bike is still in the family as well.
I replaced it with the later model.

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