Oct 17, 2023


 A new government, All Blacks into the semi's and a catch up with old friends. Nice one.

Richard (left) turned 60 and invited some of his cycling mates along. It was great to chat, relive a few shared experiences and have a few beers.

Richard, Me, Brian and Brent. We did a lot of miles and a lot of racing together when the roads were way safer than now, and on Sundays, people slept in. Meaning we had the tarmac to ourselves from 6 till 10 in the mornings. Awesome part of my life.

The harbour bridge is still well worth a visit.
The changing skyline of Tauranga city. The two towers on the right are the new 'Farmers Building' that has been under white plastic for two or more years.

Our container wharf. The best in the country.
Then a beer at the end of a beaut day.

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