Feb 24, 2023

Surprise Find

I accidentally stumbled on this picture in the Tauranga library archive!
Not sure where my mask was but I was obsessed with diving underwater. I used to dive on my own under the Tauranga wharf and also from these pontoons and anywhere else I could get to. I was looking for 'stuff' and old bottles and fish. I recall lots of rubbish and ropes (hence the knife) on the bottom. I started work in the November of this year and went on to be able to afford and enjoy scuba diving and underwater photography (below) which became another obsession in the years that followed. 
This is a lifetime ago.
Photo News. Michael O'Sullivan on the Strand Reclamation pontoons having just got out or about to dive into the water using flippers and knife on his belt. Railway bridge in the background. Published 22nd January 1964

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