Aug 17, 2021

No Knots Please

 When it comes to knots I am simply hopeless. Despite many years of boating and instruction from well meaning friends the process of tieing a knot is only retained in my brain for one attempt and then its gone. A recent example was me needing to string a cloths line. I took 20 meters of polythene rope to string the line and about 3 meters for the finishing knot! I mean they don't make it easy. There is cool little gadget at the starting point that is a little box that does not need any knots just a couple of hitches and a hard pull and the lines attached. Same on the other end? Oh no, that needs a bloody knot.

Anyway the picture tells the story and as a finishing touch I had to add a zip tie as I could see my knot unwinding already only minutes after the job was finished. 

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