Aug 22, 2021

Covid 19 Delta

The story behind the picture is in the general info link

 The way this pandemic is heading it is looking to me like we will have to learn to live with it and any future variants yet to be thrown at us (Such as Delta Plus). Just like we have done with influenza. Eradicating Covid in the real world is like chasing your own tail.

Vaccines and boosters won't be a 100% answer either just as we have experienced with the flu virus. But they apparently drastically reduce the severity of infection. I think we will end up with regular vaccinations and using antiviral drugs and synthetic antibodies (already available in Australia) once infected (not sure if the latter is used before or after infection or both) It looks like there is progress on these antiviral drug treatments. I don't think Trump helped with his premature announcements on these compounds.

Links below have some good info. Worth a read.

Antiviral Drugs Under Investigation

General Info

From Scientific American

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