Jun 13, 2021

Mitai Maori Village

 We had a work sales conference in Rotorua and on the first night went to the Maitai Maori village for a show and Hangi dinner. I hate Hangi food, until this time! It was stunning. None of that dirt taste just clean flavours and subtle taste from the Kanuka and Manuka wood and berries they used in the process.

Deserts? Oh yeah!

We toured the village in the dark which added some atmosphere (and a little risk, take you phone for its light). There are crystal clear springs and glow worms on the track which were stunning. Most of all the people, all whanau, were great. very talented and down to earth with some classic Maori humour thrown in.


Uncovering dinner. Potatoes, Kumera, Pumpkin, Carrots, Chicken and Pork
Lifting out the meat first, veggies below.
Fires to warm the room, most of it actually uncovered.(no roof)
Three brothers
The youngest lad, 14.

I am sure there must have been some close calls while practicing this.

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