Mar 2, 2021

Dad 100 Today

 Or would have been. Instead he passed away in 1984 at 63 years old.

Family info.

Timothy O'Sullivan (1840) dads grandfather and not in the picture.

First wife Ann Anderson, second wife Mary Ann Curry. In the picture below 'Frank' (Francis) 1885 was dads father and the son of Timothy and Mary Ann. The woman in the picture, Mrs T O'Sullivan was Mary Ann Curry (second wife)

Below various picture of dad with mum and family.
He had a great sense of humour, worked hard to keep us all fed, schooled and housed. He never ever promoted himself or stole the limelight for himself. He was a fairly private but personable guy. Not a lot of tolerance for moaners, slackers or wimps.
With his grandkids at the time.
With my little bro and our family car. Morris 8 (Wow)
Younger years.
When we lived in Clarke Street Tauranga

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