Dec 8, 2020

Nothing To Report

 It's that time of year when we are so tied up with business (personal and work) that motivation for photography simply is on a slow burn. A few phone shots taken over the weekend.

Back alley Tauranga. A mind bending paint job. If I stare at this a while it actually is!

My latest challenge. After nearly destroying my steering wheel over the years I thought it was time to get the real thing. Electronic V-Drums. Bloody amazing. Starting from useless I have nothing to lose.
Jay has been obsessed with snow globes of late. Very hard to find affordable ones but I lucked out at the Crossing here in Tauranga, finding these two for the boys at Xmas.
Lewis is obsessed with lining up things like treats and trucks and cars. He is in heaven doing to.
For such a rat bag it is amazing just how organised and precise he wants it all to be arranged. God help Nana (his assistant) if she puts something out of place....

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