Nov 16, 2020

5 Year Olds View Of Things

 So I have a string of these examples from my little buddy Jay

  • As we were driving past a bunch of Lime eScooters recently released in Tauranga I said "there's some more of those stupid things blocking up the footpath" quite indignantly he came back with "they're not stupid they are electric" 
  • While we were trying to deconstruct one of the many things we do this to (for fun) he said, when we were struggling to break a difficult part, "this plastic's made of steel"
  • When we were sitting at the table playing cards I went to the kitchen to get a drink and said "OMG what a mess out here there's cheese everywhere" out here. Jay commented " that's Nana, HE loves cheese"
  • We were arguing over the rules of snakes and ladders and I said who's the boss here this is how we do it? He said mummy is the boss of Lewi and me and daddy is the boss of mummy...(a thoughtful silence) and then "is he?"


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