Aug 22, 2020

The 200 ft Dive I Will Never Forget

We broke the rules and luckily came through.
This was a dive at the Poor Knights down a drop off called the Canyon.
We planned well had spare tanks at 40 ft and 10ft for the decompression stage of the dive.
We went to see the black coral and found it. The pictures don't show how it was and as my flash housing imploded with the pressure I only managed a few shots before loosing it.
The white trees in the pictures is in fact black coral. What a buzz.
The bottom time was short at 10 minutes but it took a hell of a lot of time to come back up. I recall it may have taken 40 minutes or longer.
We all carried back up regulators.We were on air while today to scuba dive to these depths they use mixed gasses.
Read this article.

At this depth the light is low and the colours are grey. The bottom is more sparcely populated


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