Apr 12, 2020

Lockdown 18

It's all mechanical.
Where would we be with out our machines?
 Germs arriving.
Look closely at the man on the beach to the right of the bow.
 Beautiful Sopwith Camel which was flying in the first world war at the time of the Spanish Flu.
This one in Tauranga airshow
 F4U Corsair. This American machine was apparently a handful to fly but was a rugged highly armed carrier based aircraft. This one at Tauranga airshow
 Jet trainers
 The William Daldy. Built in the 30's and sailed out to NZ under her own steam from new.
Well worth a visit. She's based in Auckland and occasionally is open to the public.
I was lucky enough to go for trip around Auckland harbour at night. Amazing.
 Down below the stockers heave shovel load of coal into the boiler fires.
 This screams 'mechanical'. On the Auckland waterftont.
Tractor and trailer waiting for their boat to return.
Tolaga Bay East Coast

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