Apr 26, 2020

Good Morning

Extended bubble 


I think many people have taken to exercise simply to get out of the house over the last thirty plus days. For most of my life I have exercise daily, usually twice a day once on my own and once with Rob. However being constrained to 'local' activities I developed a little program for myself to do daily outside my back gate to the park. It's surprising over thirty days just how much can be achieved. I did a tally as follows.
Run = 108km (park lengths)
Push ups = 2400
Planks = 2 hours (combined)
Back exercise = 2 hours (4 variations)

What I haven't counted are the bottles of beer, gin, tonic and wine we have consumed! We know its way higher than usual because suddenly we almost need two recycle bins. Also I am thinking of getting a lid for ours so the neighbours can't see our problem. Right now I am putting it down to stress relief. Might need to step up that exercise....

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